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It's a curious and special process - to select doors and fabric for finishing chairs to build a dream for some person. It's like picking up interesting stories from someone's sleep and writing a conceptual novel with illustrations based on them. Then you, as the creator, also reread this novel several times on your own.

We know what a good functional and just beautiful space means and we want to help you feel the same emotions that we do when we finish another interior design project and enjoy its excellence. Functionality, modern equipment, style, brand furniture, excellent materials, finishes, trends, luxury – these are concepts we have been working with for a long time and believe us, we have something to surprise you. Imagine your ideal kitchen or living space, or bathroom, tell us in great detail what it looks like, and relax. We’re here to make your life easier and brighter at the same time.

Interior design services

What are interior design services?

Working with an interior designer is a rewarding process that leads to a dream space that meets your needs and enhances your quality of life. This process involves several steps:

Design together with the best brands

We work directly with the world’s famous premium brands, which allows you to save significant money on the purchase and avoid problems with logistics in the future.

Don't be afraid to share your most secret wishes in interior design with our experts

is our speciality

Our interior designers are professionals who create functional and aesthetically pleasing interior spaces. They specialize in various styles, are known for their expertise in traditional, modern, and luxurious interior design, and annually visit exhibitions such as iSaloni in Milan, Italy, and imm-cologne in Cologne, Germany – the largest and most prestigious events in the industry that attracts leading designers and fabricators from all over the world. They excel in creating sophisticated and elegant interior designs, with a keen eye for detail. They are well-versed in interior remodeling and can transform a space into something new and exciting. From Italian interior ideas and new interior design trends they draw inspiration to add a touch of elegance to their projects. Our interior designers have knowledge of building codes and safety regulations, as well as an understanding of materials and construction techniques. They use their creative skills and technical knowledge to provide interior design services on a high level and create a space for you that is beautiful, safe, functional, and in line with your budget and timeline.

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Discuss the project

According to your needs, we have developed three ways of interaction with our interior design services and suggest you to learn them in the table below. The first one will eliminate doubts about the choice of the right materials and helps to find the most appropriate layout for your space, the others two suppose a closer collaboration with the designer and a complete projection of your dream room from the consultation to the installation. 


Talk to a designer, receive advice, ideas and inspirations for your project.


Plan includes:


Collaborate with a reserved designer in your city, shape your project with your moodboard and personal layout.


The cost will be specified after discussing the details of the project

Plan includes:


Full service design of your space, in collaboration with a professional designer from your city.

start from $1999

The cost will be specified after discussing the details of the project

Plan includes:

Start by discussing your future project. We will briefly tell you about ourselves and our capabilities, find out what ideas you want to implement and tell you how to do it.

We appreciate your individuality and independence and confirm it with our ambitious and unrepeatable interior design projects

Interior design
for your space

We work with a large number of Italian brands that care about the status of their production, confirming it with certificates of European quality or “Made in Italy”. These brands understand very well the actual requirements of the customers and try to take into account the most different needs, whether it is about a cozy small kitchen in Industrial style, an elegant Art Deco style living room, a comfortable and modern office space, or children’s room furniture made of eco-friendly materials. A huge number of furnishings and kitchen cabinets collections in different moods and compositions are offered by our fabricators so that it is possible to satisfy customers by a variety of criteria in traditional or luxurious interior design and give them freedom of choice. Our experts will help you to adjust the layout you like to your space, correct some disadvantages if these will, help you decide on the materials, and give valuable advice on necessary accessories and further decoration.

Check out our latest projects to see the quality of our interior design services.

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Latest Projects



We invite you to our office, where you can look at some examples of Italian interior design and start a dream project with our experts. Visiting the showroom will have several benefits for you. First, interaction with an interior designer in person allows for clear communication, helps build a stronger relationship with them, and allows for a more efficient exchange of ideas. Second, in the showroom, there are physical samples of fabrics and finishes that you can see, touch, and experience directly, which could be much more useful than trying to apprehend the materials from digital images. Also, working on the design in real-time supposes a more productive design process and ensures that the final result is exactly what you had in mind. We promise you a comfortable and friendly atmosphere in our salon, an individual approach, careful attention to all your ideas and wishes, a detailed tour of our showroom, a presentation of modern Italian kitchen cabinets, new furniture, exclusive accessories, and ready-made projects, and of course the best result of collaborating you can expect.

Welcome to our office at 4250 W Hallandale Beach Blvd, Hollywood, FL.

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Cashback is a refund of the amount spent for design services, according to the level of service selected. Cashback will be activated only if you will purchase products through our website. You can receive up to 100% cashback, depending on the amount spent.

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