Most popular options of paints for those who are planning a bathroom remodel and afraid to make the wrong choice

Color of the Mood: Top Bathroom Paint Ideas in 2023

Are you thinking about remodeling your bathroom and updating its decor? One of the most impactful changes you can make is to revise the bathroom color palette. A fresh coat of paint can transform even the smallest of spaces into a relaxing and inviting oasis. The right color scheme can create a sense of calm, or energize you for the day ahead. In 2023, modern blues, light greens, and warm neutral bathroom color schemes are trending, continuing the best bathroom color trends of 2022. Shades like taupe and all-white bathrooms are also popular this year. To help you find the best bathroom paint colors, we’ve rounded up interior designers’ top suggestions. Whether you prefer bold or neutral tones, read on for the best bathroom color ideas that will transform your space into a spa-like sanctuary.

Blue Color Palette

“Sea Salt” by Sherwin-Williams

If you're in search of a bathroom color that emanates a sense of relaxation and tranquility, Sherwin-Williams' "Sea Salt" is a perfect choice. This iconic shade is a beautiful blue-green color, highly regarded by numerous interior design experts as the best bathroom paint color. "Sea Salt" subtle mix of light gray and green undertones creates a muted and soft effect that is ideal for powder rooms. The calming influence of "Sea Salt" is most pronounced in bathrooms that receive natural light, making it an ideal selection for small bathroom makeovers that need a pop of color. Another reason for "Sea Salt" popularity is that it harmonizes well with white ceilings and trim, resulting in an elegant and neutral bathroom color scheme. "Sea Salt" versatility and timeless appeal make it suitable for a beachy atmosphere or a more understated and sophisticated look, transforming your bathroom into a serene and welcoming oasis in both cases.

“Blissful Blue” by Valspar

Valspar's "Blissful Blue" is a preferred choice among interior designers for bathroom color in 2023. It's a muted indigo tone that provides a compromise between dramatic and subtle. When selecting a blue bathroom color, it can be challenging to find a tone that isn't too overpowering, but "Blissful Blue" hits the perfect balance. According to recent studies, painting your bathroom a light blue can enhance your home's value by a few thousand dollars, making finding the right tone worth the effort. "Blissful Blue" is a neutral-leaning blue with a subtle gray undertone, making it an ideal color to design around. Also, this delicate shade is ideal for your bathroom color scheme because it contrasts beautifully with the white tiles there. Choose "Blissful Blue" for a calming atmosphere that also elevates the overall bathroom decor.

“Borrowed Light” by Farrow&Ball

"Borrowed Light" by Farrow&Ball is the pale blue paint color for bathrooms that is airy and versatile, with hints of gray and green that add to its charm. Being a classic light-blue color, it is ideal for both small and larger powder rooms. Use it to infuse your home's bathrooms with vitality and optimism or to create a spa-like atmosphere in the modern master bathroom. Plus, "Borrowed Light" is a timeless color that's effortless and easy to work with, making it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to breathe new life into their bathroom decor.

“Naval” by Sherwin-Williams

If you're searching for a stylish update to your bathroom, look no further than Sherwin-Williams' "Naval" paint. This bold shade of blue brings sophistication and versatility to your bathroom decor. The color beautifully contrasts with white cabinetry, wainscoting, and subway tile, resulting in a stunning color scheme. Whether you have a modern or traditional bathroom style, "Naval" is a timeless color that complements any design. It is a great option for any bathroom remodeling you may be contemplating because it can even be utilized for vanity cabinets. So if you're seeking bathroom color ideas, "Naval" by Sherwin-Williams is definitely worth considering for a fresh and stylish upgrade to your space.

Green Color Palette

“Cascades” by Sherwin-Williams

If you want to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom decor, consider using Sherwin-Williams' "Cascades" paint color. This deep luxurious green is a beautiful choice for smaller-sized bathrooms that receive plenty of natural light. You can use this color for bathroom cabinets or on walls with crisp white trim or wainscoting. "Cascades" also pairs wonderfully with white vanity countertops and subway-tiled bathrooms, making it easy to create a stunning color scheme. It coordinates well with brass bathroom fixtures and cherry trim accents, adding a touch of sophistication to your space. Additionally, forest green is a trendy color that works especially well as an accent color since it'll make any lighter-colored details pop.

“Nurture Green” by Sherwin-Williams

Looking to create a calming and relaxed atmosphere in your bathroom? Consider using Sherwin-Williams' "Nurture Green" paint color. This soft shade of leafy green brings the outdoors in and pairs well with complementary accent colors like sandy beige. When paired with a white tub, it creates a breathable and refreshing look. This natural color has many moods, but in its purest form, it is balanced and refreshing. It's perfect for bedrooms and baths, especially when it mixes with blue becoming crisp and cool. Adding a little yellow to it can make it livelier, making it suitable for most spaces. Bathrooms are ideal spaces to try out this hue since green works well in this setting.

“Guacamole” by Glidden

Consider using “Guacamole” by Glidden, a beautiful organic green that's perfect for creating an inviting atmosphere. This bathroom color idea is part of a larger trend towards warm and soothing interior paint colors that help to create a serene and inviting space, particularly as more and more people are working from home. "Guacamole" spirited yet soothing green tone brings organic energy to any space, making it perfect for a variety of rooms beyond the bathroom – from a living room or kitchen nook to a cozy bedroom retreat. With this paint, you can transform your bathroom into a natural shelter that feels both modern and timeless.

“Olive Sprig” by PPG

“Olive Sprig” by PPG is a stunning mid-tone green paint color that creates a calming and inviting atmosphere in any bathroom. This lush neutral green with an organic undertone is versatile and perfect for any interior space. It represents healing, regrowth, and resiliency post-pandemic and captures the determined spirit of nature. Experts participating in PPG's Annual Global Color Forecasting Workshop have found that consumers are more inclined to adopt colorful selections after difficult moments of inflection throughout history. “Olive Sprig” is a perfect example of this shift away from the stark, neutral palettes of yesterday towards the colorful, vibrant hues of today. Whether you use it for an accent wall or as the primary color in your bathroom color scheme, “Olive Sprig” is also a stunning choice that encourages focus in your home office and creates a calming sanctuary in your bedroom. Take on notice, it pairs beautifully with soft rose tones creating a gentle contrast.

White Color Palette

“Dove Wing” By Benjamin Moore

“Dove Wing” by Benjamin Moore is the best neutral bathroom paint color of 2023. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for modern bathroom decors as it pairs perfectly with most color palettes. “Dove Wing” has hints of taupe, gray, and beige, giving it enough depth to contrast white baseboards and bathroom ceilings. This off-white color is a go-to bathroom wall color for many designers, providing a seamless transition from room to room.

“Extra White” by Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin Williams' "Extra White" paint is a popular choice for creating a clean and crisp look in any bathroom. This color is perfect for those who want to add brightness to their bathroom space, especially if it has limited natural light. While it can soften up in warmer lighting conditions, "Extra White" still leans towards the cooler end of the color spectrum. This paint shade is best suited for use on bathroom trims and ceilings. It can also work well on bathroom walls to provide a cool neutral backdrop for bold-colored bathroom decor. For example, pairing "Extra White" with a cool blue accent wall can add character and depth to your powder room.

“Alabaster” by Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin Williams' "Alabaster" is a warm off-white hue that leans towards tan and beige, making it an ideal choice for many bathroom decors. It pairs beautifully with a range of materials, from wood to metal to linen and beyond, making it an incredibly versatile color option. Whether you're going for a traditional or modern bathroom, "Alabaster" is a great color to start with as you explore bathroom color ideas. You can also use it as a backdrop to showcase bold-colored accessories, such as towels and rugs. Generally, "Alabaster" by Sherwin Williams is the ideal choice if you want a color that may blend in with any design and produce a cozy ambiance in your bathroom.

“Alabaster” By Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore's "Alabaster" stands out as a classic and timeless option. This shade of white boasts real cleanliness that has a captivating allure, but it's the subtle pink undertone that adds a touch of magic and warmth, making it a perfect backdrop for a glowing complexion reflected in the bathroom mirror. Renowned interior designer Michael Cox of Foley&Cox describes this paint color as having a "timeless and universal purity," and we couldn't agree more. It's a versatile color that adapts well to different bathroom decor styles, color palettes, and materials, making it an excellent choice for any bathroom renovation or update.

Gray Color Palette

“Gray Cashmere” by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore's "Gray Cashmere" is an excellent choice for your bathroom. It's a warm, soft gray that has a hint of blue and green, making it a neutral color that doesn't feel too cold. It works well with light and airy accents, which makes it perfect for bathroom decor. Pairing "Gray Cashmere" with white trim can create a sophisticated color scheme, particularly in an all-white bathroom. It's also ideal for small bathrooms with limited natural light since it can add warmth and depth to the space. "Gray Cashmere" is a quite popular option that can be paired with wainscoting to transform a smaller half or quarter bath.

“Cameo White” by Behr

Behr's "Cameo White" paint is a popular choice for bathrooms due to its warm neutral tone. It has just the right amount of gray to provide an excellent backdrop for white bathroom decor themes. This versatile shade is bright and airy enough to work well in guest bathrooms and half baths with little sunlight. It can also look warm with blue-themed furniture while staying cooler against creamier decor. "Cameo White" is part of a neutral color palette, making it an ideal choice for those seeking bathroom color ideas. It can be used in a variety of color schemes and works well with other neutral colors. Given the recent increase in paint prices, this paint hue is a great substitute for Sherwin-Williams' "Alabaster."

“In The Shadows” by PPG

PPG’s "In The Shadows" is a versatile paint color that adds elegance and sophistication to any bathroom decor. This grey hue with indigo and cobalt undertones pairs beautifully with white trim and tile, making it a popular choice for small and medium-sized powder rooms. It also works seamlessly with cream-colored trim or cabinets, and surprisingly, it can also be paired with black or deeper green trim for a more adventurous color scheme.

“Evergreen Fog” by Sherwin-Williams

This earthy and pale green hue adds a sense of calm to any bathroom space, making it the perfect color for your next bathroom repaint project. "Evergreen Fog" is Sherwin-Williams 2022 paint color of the year, thanks to its versatility and sophistication as a bathroom wall color. This color's natural hints of green-gray and a touch of blue make it a neutral and nourishing option. Whether you're looking to freshen up a powder room or create a comfortable organic backdrop for a modern or chic space, "Evergreen Fog" has you covered. Pair "Evergreen Fog" with warm neutral bathroom trim and accent colors like "Accessible Beige" and "Shoji White" for a cohesive color scheme that will make your bathroom feel inviting and comforting.

Other Colors

“Softer Tan” by Sherwin-Williams

Perhaps, you inquire, is there a paint shade that will go well with the bathroom's Calcatta marble finish? Yes, pay attention to Sherwin-Williams's "Softer Tan". This warm and inviting color pairs beautifully with marble, highlighting the natural veins and creating a gorgeous overall result. With "Softer Tan" on your bathroom walls, you won't have to worry about overwhelming your marble tile floors or countertops. Instead, this neutral color will create a harmonious and sophisticated color scheme that will elevate your bathroom decor.

"Porcelain Crab" by Dulux

If you are looking for a bathroom color that's equal parts retro and sophisticated, Sherwin Williams's "Porcelain Crab" is your pick. This soft and elegant shade of millennial pink pairs beautifully with brass accents and half-wall marble vanity, creating stylish and trendy bathroom decor. To balance out the softness of "Porcelain Crab", consider pairing it with darker, warm colors like maroon. This will add depth and dimension to your bathroom color palette and prevent it from feeling too sugary sweet. Alternatively, you can play up the retro vibe by incorporating other pastels into your bathroom decor. "Porcelain Crab" is a fantastic option for any bathroom repaint project, regardless of whether you're striving for a trendy and stylish appearance or a more understated and classic vibe.

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In summary, choosing the right paint color for your bathroom is an excellent way to add personality and style to this often-overlooked space. While neutral colors like white are always a safe bet, there is no need to shy away from bold hues or even a dramatic color palette if you love them. However, it's crucial to keep in mind that luminosity plays a crucial role in how colors appear in a bathroom, so it's best to sample swatches and test them in your space. This year, we see a trend toward green and blue shades in bathroom decor, but ultimately, it's up to you to select a color that suits your taste and personality.

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