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They say no one can argue about taste: some people love the beaches of Ibiza, and some like the old European streets. The owners of these apartments are big fans of industrial landscapes and clean lines of modern skyscrapers. The owners travel a lot, and being inspired by the rhythm of Dubai, and having skimmed through the majesty of fashionable hotels and the charm of boutique hotels, they wanted to recreate a refined, sophisticated and comfortable European-style environment. Stylistics, in which the interior of the project can be designated as New Luxury. This is an eclectic, expensive and at the same time not banal interior without clichés and outdated decoration techniques, which subtly combines modern classics with elements of art deco, and is personalized according to the preferences of clients. Italians know how to make beautiful, trendy and high quality things like no one else. That is why only comfortable furniture, tactile textiles and stylish lamps and accessories from premium Italian brands are used in the project.

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