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While working on the project, we were guided by the client’s preferences. Inspiration was taken from the luxurious halls of the French Versailles. Thanks to the high ceilings, we were able to use complex plaster stucco, without overwhelming the space. The living room is reminiscent of Marie Antoinette’s boudoir: a high fireplace with marble trim, a velvet sofa and Angelo Cappellini chairs, heavy drapes and a crystal Masiero chandelier. We stand for environmental friendliness and choose only natural materials: natural stone, wood, ceramics. Therefore in the classical interior of the project there is marble, upholstery is made of satin and velvet, and the wooden panels are of precious wood. Natural materials not only provide stunning aesthetics, but also guarantee longevity. In design we have adhered to austere, elegant classics and baroque luxury without technological trends. The unity of these two directions created a truly perfect image.

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