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The 12 Best Italian Modern Kitchen Design

As great cooks and lovers of delicious food, Italians know what a modern kitchen should be to satisfy the needs for technology, a large working area, and uninterrupted communication with guests, which we appreciate most of all. Moreover, Italian kitchen brands try to count not only the preferences of the users but also of Nature. So, if you are interested in promoting ‘green’ technologies,  proceed with the kitchen fabricators that have an environmental agenda, be confident: they appreciate the economical use of natural materials and safety for people.

We offer you to look at the best modern kitchen design in our opinion from such Italian kitchen brands as Aster Cucine, Scavolini, FM Bottega d’Arte, Ernestomeda, and Lube Cucine. Here you will find a style, technological effectiveness, Italian decor ideas, and the opportunity to participate in the project of your future kitchen based on available compositions to make your cooking space more personal.

Atelier, Aster Cucine

These Italian kitchen styles are truly streamlined. For those who want to feel more texture and color, but do not like decorative overloads. Accurate lighting, sink integrated into the countertop, and the ability to choose your ideal dining table that either flows smoothly into the cooking area or free standing. There is a Quite  large number of finishing materials – laminate, melamine, Fenix, lacquered surfaces, as well as colors and shades  – from dark matte to white gloss. Some of the finishes bring you closer to Nature imitating wood, marble, cold granite, and even wet leaves. The factory writes about this collection: “Where the only limit is your imagination”. So, let it loose! Designed by Lorenzo Granocchia.

  • A huge variety of handles
  • A huge variety of finishes
  • A huge variety of colors
  • The ratio of cost to expensive production

Chloe, FM Bottega d’Arte

FM Bottega d’Arte brand made 3 main design options for the Chloe kitchen collection that could be in your home. The options have slightly different types of finish, but it is always a choice between the most valuable and durable materials – natural stone, veneer, ceramic, metal, and lacquered surfaces. The kitchen styles from Bottega designers look luxurious and offer you to feel like a character from the “Great Gatsby” era. The style is evident in the details: the metal elements, the combination of lacquered tones, fluted doors, which are especially popular with many customers, and brightly imitating art deco style, smooth curves of the modules, and unusual handles. Makers are sure a kitchen space is for family, that is why they distinguish every zone by equipping each of them for maximum and postulating that the kitchen is a kitchen, but not an exhibition space. Their words confirm their position: “Our mission is to follow it step by step until the achievement of the final element, functional and accurate, and it gives us satisfaction: the same one we want to offer our clients”. The design of the collection belongs to Michele Marcon.

  • Original and sophisticated art deco design 
  • Expensive and durable materials 
  • Dividing workspace into zones
  • Technological effectiveness

Clover, Lube Cucine

“This is clover. Authentic, natural, and available in a thousand different shapes, from the most rational, square, and minimalist, to the most sinuous, rounded, and eclectic”. This Italian kitchen collection represents a large number of compositions: some of them appear very cozy, others are more practical (kind  of  the loft style), and the third ones become a real oasis of natural beauty. Of great interest are the doors covered with gres Mutina plaster. The texture “graphite oak” makes them look like black asphalt with water droplets slowly running down, while the texture “thermo-treated oak” resembles burnt clay. The copper oxidized liquid metal doors, which visually remind one of coffee-colored leather, add refinement to the Italian kitchen design also. Lots of open units and well-designed drawers for storing utensils which are integrated into the island and make it as functional as possible. All this is about Clover collection by LUBE.

  • A huge number of accessories
  • Unique finishes
  • 19 compositions
  • The ratio of cost to quality

Contempora, Aster Cucine

“Contempora is the natural result of a love for the simplicity of gesture, as ancient as humanity is to food, food and relationships”. The main idea of the Contempora kitchen design is to achieve maximum functionality. The Italian brand Aster Cucine has created a space which, in their opinion, provides complete freedom of movement and cooking, gives the great ability to store food and equipment, and spend evenings with friends or family. Particular attention is paid to the tables and countertops, finishes of which allow to use any surface in the kitchen with no worries. The collection is a perfect example of minimalism, suitable for perfectionists and those who love order and refined restraint. The design is by Lorenzo Granocchia.

  • A huge variety of colors for doors
  • A wide range of natural stone for the countertops
  • Durable materials resistant to dirt and scratches
  • Huge storage space

Diesel Open Workshop, Scavolini

This kitchen collection was designed by Scavolini in collaboration with the Diesel Living Team. The name fully reflects one of the features of the collection: it consists of several blocks, which differ from each other in functional equipment and materials – really like a workshop, where a couple of dozens of people will gather going to learn how to cook. This kitchen  design includes many details from industrial aesthetics: the “Bolt” island hood, metal breakfast bench support, the island that seems to hover above the floor, fluted glass combined with soft steel, and the shelving for the Stock Rack system specially developed by the Diesel team for this collection, which has become their “stage trick”. These unusual open-fronted and wall-mounted shelves with metal tubes are represented by a large number of variations, too. The factory considers this kitchen cabinets’ design both a vivid reflection of the Diesel style and a classic at the same time. It will be loved by those who have bright personalities and would like to have a kitchen with a strong character.

  • Distinctive design
  • 8 compositions
  • A huge variety of materials
  • Designed by Diesel Living Team interior decorations

Flavour, Lube Cucine

In the opinion of the factory, the Flavour kitchen  design is a perfect combination of classic and modern styles. That is the truth. The Italian brand Lube Cucine new collection combines well the surfaces imitating marble, natural stone, and wood with lacquered doors of completely different colors, which gives the kitchen cabinets a refined and elevated character. Meanwhile, the presence of innovative details in terms of functionality makes it comfortable for any culinary needs of a person. We also suggest paying attention to an interesting solution of expanding the storage space in some compositions. This is presented in cover paneling with the function of inserting shelves and holders for various items (bottles, knives, flowerpots, etc.). The important advantage of this collection is that it has been awarded the Greenguard Gold certificate and the “Made in Italy” certificate. The first confirms that the materials used for doors in this collection do not emit harmful chemicals into the environment and are safe to use for more vulnerable segments of society – children and elderly people. The second certificate shows that the kitchen cabinets are made in compliance with all European quality and safety requirements.

  • 16 compositions
  • Greenguard Gold certificate (ecological safety)
  • "Made in Italy" certificate (European quality)
  • The ratio of cost to quality

Immagina Plus, Lube Cucina

It is another collection from the Italian kitchen brand Lube Cucina with a huge number of options, among which you can find exactly the one that will emphasize your personality. Here, the factory strives to follow the latest trends, so they actively add new finishes and colors. Unusual contrasts, bright accents, compactness of some compositions, new technical features, and always the right balance between open and closed units – all this is Immagina Plus. Allow your imagination to live in your kitchen.

  • More than 20 compositions
  • A large number of finishes
  • A huge variety of colors
  • Low price

K-Lab, Ernestomeda

The collection was designed by Giuseppe Bavuso. It is a true example of a chef’s kitchen design. Inspired by the modern look of workbenches, it includes a large number of metal structures, as well as equipment, which, however, do not ruin, but set a certain aesthetic atmosphere. Ernestomeda brand specifically for this collection has developed Mettalix, a stable and easily replaceable material that expands the usual list of aluminum, steel, and zamak commonly used in the kitchen cabinets. The company has also introduced a new kind of veneer – Zero Gloss, which is smoother than its predecessors and more scratch-resistant. You will find currently popular fluted doors, brutal open units, sinks integrated into countertops, logical built-in drawers of the Surf System and order shelves for everything to be at hand, and grand wine cellars. The Italian kitchen brand writes about this kitchen design next: “K-lab is inspired by the idea of the delicatessen counters, the kitchen as a fine food store. An informal space, with seemingly suspended alternating solid and open spaces, typical of a professional kitchen”.

  • New finishes of metal, veneer, wood, and stone
  • Wine cellars
  • Unusual design
  • More than 30 colors for Zero Gloss doors

Luxury Glam, Aster Cucine

This collection was designed by Studio Novati. It is described as: “Once in a while simple words are not enough”. Indeed, this is the Italian kitchen  design to see and immediately fall in love with, if luxury and elegance are your priorities. Great attention to the lacquered surfaces, to details such as handles and table foot, and the furniture in general – here you will find an interesting variety of finishes for chairs, a lot of elements of gold, silver, and leather. The factory promises great enjoyment with touching any surface and assures that the collection is timeless in visual qualities, even though the notion of glamour changes from year to year.

  • The ratio of cost to design and quality
  • A huge variety of colors and textures for doors
  • Color and finish variations for upholstered furniture
  • Respectable look for years

Sign, Ernestomeda

The Sign kitchen  design  is another example of Giuseppe Bavuso’s unique vision. Here the Italian designer strives to create the most open space, where the center of attraction will be always a massive and well-equipped island that combines the functions of a working area, dining table, and even a display cabinet. Demonstration that the kitchen is no longer an enclosed working space, but an extension of your home is the main idea pursued by the Italian brand Ernestomeda. In this collection, you will find many exclusive inventions of the Italia flagship factory, which concern the invisible and logical integration of the equipment into the kitchen cabinetry. The equipment itself has been chosen with incredible care and approaches the standards of professional kitchen space. A variety of materials for the countertop and the possibility to vary its size and composition, a large number of materials for the open units – from veneered wood to Fenix, lacquered and melamine surfaces, the versatility of Back System Area, which can become your wine cellar, laundry or a pantry for storing food and kitchen utensils – this Italian modern kitchen design seems as personalized as possible.

  • Technological effectiveness
  • A huge variety of materials
  • Exclusive system of integration 
  • Tables and Back System Area with a huge variety of functions

Oltre, Lube Cucine

“Each composition tells a story made of unexpected materials and fine details”, – a description that fully corresponds to reality. Italian kitchen brand Lube Cucine continues to play with textures and color schemes in the design of collection Oltre. If you want to see the effect of hand layered plaster, wet concrete, elegant expensive leather or wood in your kitchen, Oltre offers this option in abundance. The factory relates with great love to details and thoroughly thought about the modular system, which allows the kitchen to be not only a set of kitchen cabinets but also turn into a living or dining room, for which Lube Cucine offers a lot of design solutions in furnishings.


  • The ratio of cost to quality
  • 15 compositions
  • Original textures
  • Designer furniture

Pure Glam, Aster Cucine

In this collection, the Italian Aster Cucine brand offers us another kind of glamour – more restrained, more universal, and simple. The project is by Lorenzo Granocchia, who also designed the Italian kitchen cabinets Atelier and Contempora mentioned above. This modern kitchen design is distinguished by new door finishes with an expressive texture of lines or rhombuses that can decorate the base and upper wall cabinets, or be represented by neatly inserted slats. The glamour effect is achieved through the combination of lacquered surfaces and veneered wood inserts. The most specific feature of this kitchen is its intent to maximize storage space. There are almost no open units in this collection, everything can be hidden in such a way that there would be most efficient order of items inside. All cabinetry is as functional as possible and intuitive to use.

  • Hidden and functional storage space
  • New original doors
  • Universal and sophisticated design

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