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Salone del Mobile, Milano: Innovative Table Designs

On April 23rd, Milan’s prestigious Salone del Mobile, one of the largest exhibitions of designer furniture in the world, came to a close. Many brands participated in the exhibition to confirm the quality of their products and assert their high status in the market. Most of them collaborated with our store, VIZZZIO, which is why we decided to devote some articles to reviewing the novelties presented in Milan.

The majority of the innovation presented was in the form of tables, including dining tables, coffee tables, and console tables. The exhibition demonstrated that classification is a fragile concept and functionality is paramount. Even though the table is already a multifunctional piece of furniture, the manufacturers decided to improve its design so that customers have no doubt about choosing between purchasing a separate ottoman and coffee table or a table that can be used as an ottoman. New mechanisms were also introduced that allow small models to be enlarged to the size of huge dining tables without losing their visual appeal.

Why write when you can see it all with your own eyes? Let’s take a closer look at the new tables showcased at Salone del Mobile, Milano 2023!

Apian, Calligaris

Presenting the "Apian" table from the prestigious Calligaris line in intriguing new variations! The table is now available in fixed top sizes of 250 and 300 cm, perfect for larger spaces. In addition, it features extendable tops with a manual extension mechanism, allowing you to easily adjust its length as needed. With two side extensions, the "Apian" table can now extend up to a generous 3 meters, providing ample space for gatherings and large dinner parties. The tops for the "Apian" table come in different shapes and are available in ceramic and glass, allowing you to customize the table to your preferred style and aesthetic. It is a sensible option for everyday usage because the ceramic and glass tops are robust and simple to clean.

Orbital, Calligaris

Modern style and cutting-edge technology are stunningly combined in "Orbital" table. It has been updated to feature an even lighter and more contemporary construction, with a wider top surface. This enhances the table's already impressive beauty and makes it a standout piece in any space. To elevate its elegance even more, the "Orbital" table now offers the option to customize the structure with shaped panels, adding a refined touch that suits even the most sophisticated environments. The table is available in both fixed and extendable versions. The tops come in glass and ceramic, providing ample opportunity for customization. Don't miss the opportunity to add this iconic piece to your space and elevate your interior design to new heights.

Seashell, Calligaris

Another table from the Calligaris brand, "Seashell", is a true masterpiece that seamlessly blends inspiration and functionality. This table features a cement base that boasts soft and sinuous shapes, turning it from a utilitarian object into a sculptural work of art that is functional and visually stunning. The "Seashell" table draws inspiration from the organic forms found in nature, precisely the shape of a seashell. This is reflected in the base design, which features sinuous lines that evoke the gentle curves of a seashell. The new fused glass tops further enhance the soft, organic lines of the base, adding an iridescent effect that is reminiscent of the surface of water moved by the wind. Anyone who witnesses it will be enthralled by the captivating visual effect this produces. The "Seashell" table elevates any room with its classic elegance and sophisticated design. It is more than just a piece of furniture. It's a statement item with a wow factor thanks to its distinctive design and premium materials.

Tavolini Twiggy, Cantori

Presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, the "Tavolini Twiggy" coffee table is a perfect blend of metal and leather, resulting in a striking design. Its construction includes the inclined legs that create a rhythmic cadence that draws the eye and adds a sense of dynamic movement to the table. The top is carefully cut and covered in luxurious leather, which creates a warm and soft contrast against the sleek metal frame. The "Tavolini Twiggy" is evidence of Cantori's dedication to quality and craftsmanship, from the carefully selected materials to the intelligently conceived shape. It comes in two sizes, so you can pick the one that best fits your requirements and the available space. It will last the test of time thanks to its superior design and high-quality materials, becoming a priceless asset to any home or business.

Ellisse, Connubia

Beautiful furniture like the "Ellisse" table may bring a dash of class and luxury to any living area. Its sleek and minimalist design features a ceramic top, which lends an air of elegance to the table. The base, made of curved painted sheet metal, is monolithic and sturdy, offering a strong foundation for the table. The curves of the base add a sense of fluidity and movement to the overall design. Furthermore, the "Ellisse" table is not just aesthetically pleasing, but highly functional as well. Certain options of this table feature an extendable top, allowing you to easily adjust the table size to accommodate more guests or create a more spacious living area. 

Gaudi, Flou

"Gaudi" is a great combination of classic elegance and simplicity of form. This table, created by the gifted Matteo Nunziati, combines wood, crystal, and metal in a distinctive way to produce a practical and fashionable object that is guaranteed to be the focal point of any space. The Gaudi collection's curved solid wood elements give the smoked or bronzed glass top, which is supported by a burnished metal frame, a secure and strong basis. Giving clients more possibilities to personalize their design, the table is also offered with a hardwood top in the same finish as the legs. With both high and low tables available, the Gaudi collection is perfect for any setting, whether it be a formal dining room or a casual living space.

Mocki, Frigerio

The "Mocki" coffee table collection by Frigerio is a beautiful example of how materials and shapes can come together in perfect harmony. Crafted from ashwood, the frame of the table boasts elliptically shaped legs, which provide a unique touch of elegance. The top of the table is available in either oval or round shapes and can be made from Seminato, marble, or wood. Federica Biasi, the designer of the "Mocki" collection, states, "With Frigerio, I enjoy being part of a project that comes to life, year after year, with high-quality products." This statement is evident in the attention to detail paid in the creation of the "Mocki" coffee table collection.

Andorea, Frigerio

Square or rectangular solid wood "Andorea" coffee table boasts a dynamic look that becomes its distinguishing feature. Designed by Riccardo Frigerio, this table collection stands out with its irregular surface where a slight curvature reveals the futuristic nature of the product. It is a monolithic wooden piece with a modern and strongly distinguishing character that is ideal for those looking to add a touch of modernism to their house.

Drum, Lema

The "Drum" coffee table by Lema, presented at Salone del Mobile, can be a great choice if you're searching for a fashionable and entertaining addition to your home. This table comes in various sizes and shapes such as round, oval, and square with rounded edges, design is by Piero Lissoni. The ribbed solid walnut wooden carcass that surrounds the entire base of each piece in the "Drum" collection gives a surprise dynamism and elegance to the space. Additionally, the top can be customized in all collection variations with back-painted glass, stone, or marble finishes.

Aster, Molteni&C

Vincent Van Duysen's "Aster" coffee table crafted by Molteni&C is about an exquisite design that flawlessly melds aesthetics and usability. This one-of-a-kind piece is entirely handmade and represents the ultimate expression of compositional rationality and craftsmanship. The base of the table boasts a sophisticated hammered effect, achieved by casting brass in an earth mold. A vibratory finishing technique completes the aesthetics, using stones to gently smooth the structure and create a wavy effect. The tabletop is supported by a mirror-image structure and is available in various finishes, including lava stone in anthracite, olive green, and desert yellow colors, as well as lava stone with a matt finish. "Aster" has a sculptural value and can be used in various collections and spaces, making it a versatile addition to any interior.

Mateo, Molteni&C

Creative director of the Molteli&C brand Vincent Van Duysen also has reimagined the "Mateo" dining table. This table features a curved base that flares out slightly for stability adding a touch of surprise to the overall style. There are two versions of the conical base – round and ovular. The table is available in such finishes as wood and shiny lacquer, and colors such as rich pine green and soothing almond white. Additionally, there is the new oak wood option that provides a warm effect combined with longevity. The "Mateo" dining table is designed to be a centerpiece and the reason for creating traditions that span decades, available in an array of sizes, heights, and configurations to suit varying compositions of families and groups.

Old Ford, Molteni&C

The "Old Ford" dining table is designed by the renowned Italian designer Rodolfo Dordoni. It is composed of a round-edge top with a gentle downward curve, and four glossy lacquered legs connected by an H-shaped beam. The tabletop is available in limba or coffee oak wood, or in Emperador, Calcutta, or Sahara noir marble with a matte or glossy polyester finish. The legs can be customized in one of three glossy lacquered finishes: burgundy, pine green, or black nickel. The table is both lightweight and strong, thanks to its special manufacturing process, ensuring it can withstand the test of time. The oval shape provides ample space for seating and dining and allows the table to fit into various room layouts, making it a versatile option for any setting. Meticulous attention to detail, harmonious shape, and exceptional durability are evident in every aspect of its refined construction, embodying Molteni&C's commitment to aesthetic originality through research and technological innovation.

Uragano, Natuzzi Italia

The "Uragano" dining table from Natuzzi Italia is a perfect blend of art and functionality. The table pays tribute to the natural beauty and richness of the Apulian territory. The base is inspired by the trunk of a centuries-old olive tree that grows upward to bask in the sun, giving life and color to the Puglia region. The asymmetrical design of the "Uragano" dining table creates a unique and captivating visual effect that makes it appear like a moving sculpture. The natural beauty of the olive wood base, with its organic knots and grains, contrasts perfectly with the sleek and modern glass top, creating a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation. The table's imposing dimensions make it the ideal complement for those who love the conviviality and warmth typical for Mediterranean culture. Whether hosting a family dinner or entertaining guests, the "Uragano" dining table is sure to impress.

Tempio, Natuzzi Italia

The magnificent "Tempio" coffee table from the same new collection of Natuzzi Italia is a true masterpiece that commands attention and captivates the senses. With its bold and imposing presence, the "Tempio" is reminiscent of a modern-day Parthenon, proudly displaying its grandeur and elegance in any space it graces. The table's pure geometric forms give rise to a timeless architectural aesthetic. Made with extreme care and attention to detail, this coffee table is proof of Natuzzi Italia's dedication to superior design and craftsmanship.

4*4, Ozzio Italia

We are glad to introduce the upgraded version of the "4*4" dining table from Ozzio Italia, an excellent piece of furniture that offers now a wide range of options for customization. The table has fixed and extendable design options and features a wood or painted metal base with height-adjustable feet to ensure stability on any surface. One of the standout specialties of the "4*4" dining table is its exclusive opening system, which allows it to change shape and outlook with the extensions. Also, you may alter the look and feel of the table to fit your individual preferences thanks to the variety of tops available in various sizes, shapes, and finishes. The new Marble Glass finish is particularly stunning, providing continuity of the surface both with the tabletop closed and open.

Jolly, Ozzio Italia

Designed by Giulio Manzoni, this coffee table features a stylish wooden base that looks like a few crossed beams underneath the tabletop. The table effortlessly blends into any living space with its matching top finish. But the real magic happens when you need more space for entertaining guests. The hidden extension at the top can be easily opened to extend the table to 177 cm. Whether you need a small and cozy coffee table or a larger space for your guests to gather, "Jolly" has got you covered.

Zoom, Ozzio Italia

With its height-adjustable column lifting system, this sofa side table is not only versatile but also elegant. The metal structure may be coated in bronze or graphite to match any decor and adds a touch of sophistication. Smooth and secure height adjustment is guaranteed by the unique gas-braking piston technology. Solid and unpretentious, "Zoom" is a piece of furniture with many potential uses. Functionality and style are added by the optional wooden tray with a thin perimeter lip on the top. Designed by Marco Pozzoli & Andrea Lucatello and made of high-quality steel and wood, "Zoom" is a durable and long-lasting investment for any home.

4You, Ozzio Italia

"4you" is a stylish and functional console table, designed by Giulio Manzoni. It features wooden top and metal legs, with an extendable console that includes three hidden inside extensions. The patented aluminum telescopic mechanism allows for easy transformation from a limited-sized console table to a spacious dining table that can seat up to 10 people. The unique design element "4YOU" provides great performance and versatility for the table, adapting it to any space in a home with simple gestures. The aluminum guides accommodate the folding extension leaves inside the top, which remains completely hidden for a seamless and sleek look. The painted metal base adds a touch of personality with its strong and modern design. 

Lycos, Ozzio Italia

The “Lycos” dining table, designed by Marco Pozzoli, is available in both extendable and fixed options, featuring a base crafted from either painted metal or concrete. The top comes in a range of finishes, including all-wood options. This dining table aims to dominate the scene, evoking the shape of a bishop in the chessboard of your living room project and expressing rare elegance. Its round top is ready to extend to gift you the new experiences and meet your everyday or specific needs. The base of the table is designed to free up space under the top for added convenience.  For you and your guests, "Lycos" is the real checkmate in the game of design vs. comfort!

Big Round & Cirkle, Ozzio Italia

In addition to previous novelties, Ozzio Italia has unveiled another two new dining table models at the Salone del Mobile – the "Big Round" and "Cirkle". The "Big Round" table, designed by Marco Pozzoli and Andrea Lucatello, is a fixed or extendable table with a metal base, wooden tops, and extensions. It features a patented opening mechanism made up of solidly held joints, offering the perfect evolution and innovation of the round table mechanism. The legs of the table are designed with sophistication, providing strength and personality to the product. Additionally, the natural old oak finish is enhanced by the central inlay that is only visible when the table is fully open. The "Cirkle" table features elegant legs that bow to the perfect circle shape, while the top can be made from wood or marble, depending on the desired impression. The table offers absolute flexibility because it can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people. And this comfort with a solemn balance of stability and lightness could be achieved in just three steps.

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