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Introducing the Reeves Lounge – a luxurious two-seater sofa designed for those with discerning tastes in interior design. Crafted by the renowned brand Minotti and designed by the acclaimed Rodolfo Dordoni, this sofa is the epitome of sophistication and elegance.

Featuring expertly-crafted tailoring and generous inviting shapes, the Reeves Lounge is a standout piece that exudes personality and style. The sofa rests on sophisticated curved metal supports with a glossy light bronze painted finish, while the front of the piece sits on legs made of solid Sucupira wood with stained Mink color finish.

The upper and lower parts of the leg are enhanced with metal details with a light bronze painted finish, showcasing the quality craftsmanship Minotti is known for.

The Reeves Lounge is part of the Reeves collection, a range of seating elements specifically designed for different settings in terms of both use and style. The carefully-engineered proportions of the elements allow them to be seamlessly integrated into residential and hospitality settings, such as lounge areas, waiting rooms, corporate offices, and boutiques.

Pair with the Bellagio “Lounge” tables to create innovative and unique living spaces. The Reeves Lounge is a perfect piece to establish a lively, meaningful conversation with the many accessories from the 2016 Collection.

Investing in the Reeves Lounge means investing in timeless elegance and luxury. This sofa is perfect for those who appreciate quality and design and are looking to elevate their living spaces to the next level.

Inquire about the price of the Reeves Lounge today and experience the ultimate in high-end interior design.

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