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Production of upholstered furniture Calia Italia began in 1965. At the origins was the carpenter Liborio Vincenzo. In his every work he saw more than just a sofa. This is a special place for relaxation, sleep and socializing. This vision turns the Calia sofa into an indispensable piece of furniture. Read more about the company's philosophy in the video review. To enter the European market in 1991, a research studio was opened. In subsequent years, the factory improved in terms of studying the tastes of consumers in different markets. Today sofas are delivered to 80 countries. Talented designers have developed 4 sofa concepts. Urbana Sofas – a line for connoisseurs of Italian elegance. The Emporio series includes solutions for people living in non-stop format. Ruler Night & Day – sofas with the option of a bed. New in our catalog are the concepts Lo spazio diventa tuo. Modular solutions with high functionality, non-trivial shapes and bold design. Italian Calia sofas in Minsk can be bought in two clicks. Send a request for your favorite model. The generated proposal will help make a decision. And find your Calia comfort zone.

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