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Modern sofas


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Nicoline reviews

Average rating 5 based on 1 reviews

Date: 6 September 2022
Review: Stunning minimalist design with superb comfort. The leather and frame are top-notch. A 5-star statement piece for any modern home.

Nicoline news

The 10 best Italian leather sofas
The 10 best Italian leather sofas

Sit back and relax on one of the best Italian leather sofas

June 5, 2023

About Nicoline

From Humble Beginnings: Brand’s Evolution

Nicoline, founded by Nicola Palaciano in 1992, emerged from his early experiences at Natuzzi Italia. With two decades of expertise gained from artisan workshops and established upholstery companies, Nicola and his wife channeled their technical knowledge into Nicoline. Since then, the brand has showcased its excellence at international fairs, embracing stylistic and technological innovation. Today, Nicoline is renowned for its quality, attention to detail, and commitment to Italian craftsmanship. Collaborating with top designers, Nicoline combines traditional expertise with modern technologies, creating exceptional pieces that reflect their mission of blending form and function, and are marked “Made in Italy” quality.

Nicoline’s Products Benefits

Nicoline create sofas that will be your sanctuary, where relaxation and dreams come alive. With renowned designers and architects, they transform ideas into reality, overseeing every step with meticulous care. The brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction drives workers to control production stages and deliver exceptional results. Authenticity defines Nicoline. The brand’s structure and advanced technology enable them to explore and develop projects. Selecting premium materials and keeping production in-house ensures an authentic difference. Nicoline’s passionate team embodies the experience and a drive for improvement. From the structure to the feet, each material is carefully chosen for durability and luxurious appeal. Certified raw materials guarantee longevity and elegance.

Nicoline’s Customer-Favorite Sofas

Nicoline is dedicated to delivering sofas that exceed expectations. So, it’s your turn to discover the unrivaled comfort and exquisite design of their customer-favorite sofas and transform your living space into a haven of luxury and style. The “Tortona Living” sectional sofa with a chaise longue offers a luxurious seating experience. Its wooden construction and flexible webbing suspensions ensure durability, while the eco-friendly polyurethane foam cushions provide unparalleled comfort. For those who like sophistication, the “Brera” sectional leather sofa becomes their best friend thanks to the wooden frame, supported suspensions, and feather-blend cushions that offer exquisite comfort. The removable armrests and meticulous stitching add a touch of refinement to its modern design. The “Zara Deep” sectional sofa combines style and functionality effortlessly. Available in leather or fabric coverings, this sofa radiates luxury, while the dark lacquered wooden legs add an elegant touch, and the optional terminal table provides convenience and aesthetic appeal.