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Introducing the Linha coffee table collection from Minotti – a contemporary coffee table set that exudes sophistication and luxury. If you’re looking for a statement furniture piece for your high-end interiors, the Linha coffee tables are the perfect choice. Designed by the renowned Studio Mk27, this collection showcases minimalist yet elegant proportions with a focus on the high-quality materials used in their creation.

These coffee tables feature a thin marble top that’s only 16mm thick, highlighting the exquisite visual qualities of Grigio Orobico or Sahara Noir marble. The stratified bearing structure with a matt black lacquered finish is complemented by thin aluminium sides with a vanished golden brown finish. This combination of materials and textures creates a unique and striking visual effect that’s sure to impress.

The Linha coffee tables come in a variety of sizes and geometric shapes – square, rectangular, circular, and oval – allowing you to choose the perfect coffee table for your space. These tables can also be joined to create larger surfaces and design variable compositions, making them ideal for use in larger living spaces. The bridge-like frame of the coffee table adds to the design’s overall impact, giving it a dramatic and sculptural presence.

With the Linha coffee table collection, you’re getting a high-quality piece of furniture that’s been expertly crafted and designed to last. The attention to detail in the design and the use of premium materials ensures that these coffee tables will be a highlight of your interior design for years to come. For those with high income and a taste for contemporary design, the Linha coffee table collection is a must-have.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Linha coffee table collection, please contact us for pricing and additional information.

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