New colour trend

The result is a unique decorative effect that comes from the alternation of different colours in the various elements. Color Trend kitchens communicate in the language of colour. Your kitchen can express itself either through effects created by a careful use of different colours, or using the clean, sober effect of monochrome. An important feature of this model is that it can be mixed with all others to create unique, personal combinations. This makes Color Trend a truly versatile kitchen and the maximum expression of Stosa design flexibility.

8-cm high plinth and handles

The 8-cm high plinth results in higher and more spacious base units. The bronzed finish is available for the groove, the new knurled handle and the plinth. It can be combined with the new Evolution System materials to create refined layouts with exclusive textural and tactile effects.

75 cm width for base, wall and tall units

Evolution System increases the width of base, tall and wall units: new ideas cleverly optimise and organise domestic spaces. This is a real functional and stylistic evolution.

75 cm depth for base units

The new depth of for base units creates more useable storage space in the kitchen. Drawer and deep drawer interior accessories have also been made over to offer new, functional solutions that are ideal even when space is at a premium.

12+24+36 cm for drawers and deep drawers

12+24+36 cm for drawers and deep drawers

Floor-level tall unit doors and deep base units

The large accessorised tall unit with floor-level doors enhances the clean-cut lines of the volumes. The tall units create a real wall arrangement that harmonises with kitchen and living room open-space settings. Modules with floor-level doors are also available for 34-cm deep base units installed behind islands.

New handle: 40° angled grip edge

New linearity and original proportions are highlighted in this new project. The horizontal lines are enhanced by the three grooves that divide the base unit into three parts. Simple geometric lines play with the bold colour contrasts between the groove and the front finish, or with tone-on-tone shades. The 40° handle grip is a new design detail.

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