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Luxury Glam is a collection which is about the draw of polish, erotic nature and luxury.‎ With ‘luxury’ addressing both excess having opportunity and energy to appreciate it, and ‘glamor’ about attracts us to it, in that this collection is both captivating and seductive.‎ Luxury Glam is about the fantasy that materializes, unmistakable inclinations made manifest looking like genuine beauty.‎ Once in a while simple words are not enough.‎ Live the fantasy with Luxury Glam.‎ Luxury Glam tells it own story explaining its story with reflexive surfaces, sharp highlights, cowhide, surfaces, steel handles and legs.‎ In an in a flash conspicuous language, with elegant contacts that generally draw you in.‎ Italian Design is no simple teacher.‎ Arranging, excellence, tasteful substance, and innovation, for an in a flash unmistakable style.‎ Something you feel comfortable with that is recognizable yet both useful and simple going.‎ In the kitchen the shapes, subtleties and surfaces are exceptionally practical as well as being remarkable in their capacity to attract you and get your sentiments going.‎ This makes Luxury Glam so magical.‎ Glamor and Luxury are not Modern nor Classic concepts.‎ As signifiers they are immortal, yet time ticks by, and importance stays unaltered as time goes by.‎ The white features openness and mirrors the light.‎ With a couple of unique subtleties in gold, silver and leather.‎ Nothing more is needed.‎ This space represents itself.‎

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