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Brummel is an Italian factory for the production of kitchens, bedrooms and bathroom furniture. Its history began in 1982, and the founder of the company is Francesco Stralotto. All products are an amazing and wonderful combination of classics and modern style. Each piece of furniture combines the best Italian traditions and modern technology. Each product, as a project of a real couturier, is distinguished by its unique appearance and beauty. The materials are rare and valuable wood species: oak, walnut, beech, cherry. But the main secret of Brummel products is a unique method of processing wood and coating with a special protective compound that extends the life of furniture up to 200 years. Finishing is done manually. The decoration materials are leather, glass, ceramics, gold foil, which gives a unique sound to any product. We offer to buy Brummel furniture in Minsk. Our salon is an official dealer, so we offer the best prices for the products of this brand. In the catalog you will find everything you need for a bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. A wealth of styles and forms, an individual approach and high quality products will captivate anyone. Brummel is not just a complete, but a unique solution for any interior.

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