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Introducing the luxurious 5000 coffee table from the contemporary collection of Reflex. This designer piece is crafted for those who value elegance and sophistication in their interior decor. The 5000 coffee table is made from bended glass, 10 mm thick, which gives it a sleek and modern look.

The unique design of this coffee table makes it perfect for high-end homes and offices. The glass material adds a touch of class to your interior, allowing you to showcase your refined taste in furniture. The 5000 coffee table is a perfect centerpiece for your living room, adding a touch of luxury to your space.

The designer of this coffee table has ensured that every detail is perfect, from the cut to the finish. The table has smooth edges, which makes it safe for households with children. The glass design ensures that it is easy to clean, and it remains unaffected by spills or stains.

The 5000 coffee table is a perfect blend of style and functionality. It is not only a beautiful addition to your living room but also serves as a practical piece of furniture. Whether you need it to hold your coffee or your favorite book, this coffee table offers versatility, making it a perfect fit for any interior design.

If you are looking for a statement piece that exudes luxury and style, the 5000 coffee table from Reflex is a must-have item. With its clean lines and contemporary design, this coffee table is the perfect addition to any modern home. Contact us today to get a quote and take the first step towards owning this designer piece.

Dimensions: cm 40 x 40 x 37 h (small) , cm 48 x 45 x 41 h (medium) , cm 56 x 50 x 45 h (big)

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