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Solid wood sideboard

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cod.‎: 12108 – 2-entryway sideboard with 2 drawers (Cm: L.‎ 118 P.‎ 55 H.‎ 9 Casanova is an assortment Modenese Gastone of classic furniture.‎ Classical Baroque of the XVIII century has shaped the foundation of this collection.‎ This style was brought into the world on the domain of Rome in the occasions when extravagance and refinement were nothing else except for a lifestyle.‎ By its inclination the furniture of this period isn’t weighty or enormous – it’s a delicate and refined Baroque.‎ The reason for the Casanova assortment is to carry amicability and solace to the interior.‎ Inspired by the Italian history and classical Baroque our architects extended and invigorated this style in the new assortment with new completes, textures and extras, bringing a hint of appeal and an overpowering enticement for the classic furniture.‎ Finishings, colors and stylistic layouts carry the genuine fundamental energy to the cut wooden items.‎ Using just normal paints, our beautifying specialists from the Venetian Academy of Arts upgrade the magnificence of our furniture with a smidgen of their brush.‎ Decorating the furniture with textures utilizing velvets, brocades, calfskins, silks: it is consistently hand tailored interaction, as the wide range of various creation cycles, and it is the last phase of making an unadulterated Made in Italy item: rich, classy and of an absolutely high quality.‎

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