Sign is a new designer kitchen that is an extension of the living area, designed by Giuseppe Bavuso

Sign by Ernestomeda

Giuseppe Bavuso has once again created a masterpiece for Ernestomeda, paying attention to every detail and detail. Putting his signature Sign. The kitchen is no longer interpreted as just an enclosed working space; instead, it is a genuine extension of the living area, the fulcrum of the home, dedicated to spending time together. Sign is a kitchen with an informal character and a strong focus on materials, in a mix of colours that generates very elegant interiors with strong emotional impact. Sign offers a new idea of the kitchen, an open area styled to blend into the rest of the home. So the working area changes its image and is surrounded by coordinated storage solutions equipped in different ways. Every detail of Sign comes from precise choices, the result of constant aesthetic and functional research.

Zed Frame door

Stylish design of the fronts, both conventional and framed. The handles are designed with minimal visual impact, but ensure comfortable and smooth opening. Zed frame doors are available in a variety of finishes, from veneers to Hi-melamine wood and lacquered surfaces. The Zed Frame door is available exclusively in Stone+ and glass finishes. The letter Z at the back of the door is a refined design feature that is further emphasized by the variety of color combinations and finishes. The Zed vertical groove bar in a bronze metallic lacquer finish in Canyon Walnut Hi-melamine tall cabinets.

Open tall and wall units

The patented Daylight system, which can be configured in different sizes, makes every kitchen especially irregular. Shelves in the open cabinets create attractive patterns between the tall, base and wall cabinets. The Canyon Walnut Hi-Melamine finish and LED perimeter lighting add value to the look of the Daylight open tall cabinets. The Daylight base cabinet system creates an exciting alternation of closed and open forms. The open sections lighten and enhance the composition. They are available in a Teide Oak Hi-melamine finish with a backlit front panel in a Lucem metallic lacquered finish.

Move on/Move on Plus

Convenient and functional mechanism, it makes the work area even more comfortable to use. Move-on slides on the worktop, which gains extra depth, making it even more practical for cooking. The ‘Plus’ version covers the extra space, which provides an equipped storage compartment for utensils. The worktop is available in a wide range of melamine and veneer finishes and allows you to create different compositions depending on its size.

Stay Shelving System

Materials for this system range from wood veneer to Fenix, lacquered finishes and melamine finishes. The shelves can accommodate a variety of functional and decorative accessories. Modular system, flexible and versatile, minimalist and practical. Open shelving has a steel front bar, shelves and dividers, as well as a top that completes the design, for mounting on Set boiserie panels.

MDi worktop

The Able countertop with built-in cooking/washing area offers a system with a built-in induction cooking area, made entirely of Inalco’s MDI induction ceramic material. Amazing durability and high technology. Invisible induction hob, with special material underneath, on which you can cut, knead and cook. The touch button control panel of the hob can be installed on the side or on the front of the cooking area.

View Glass-Fronted Units

In wall, tall and hinged cabinets, the new concept types of glass are available in a huge number of finishes. Inside, cabinets with View glass fronts can showcase a huge variety of items, allowing them to take center stage. View wall with Namib Elm Hi-melamine structure. Frame, side panels and doors in Lucem metallic lacquer finish and clear reflective glass. Display case with glass front in Namib Elm Hi-melamine texture. Frame, side panels and doors in metallic Lucem lacquer finish and clear reflective glass. View of a hinged cabinet with glass fronts in Hi- melamine, doors and side panels in Black zero gloss lacquer finish and clear glass in Grey. Sage back panel with zero gloss lacquer finish. Drawer with eco leather bottom.

Bridge System

An aluminium bridge tidy system mounted on the worktop, which can be fitted with a glass partition, wood and aluminium accessories and LED lighting controlled via a remote switch. Specifically designed to complete the worktop’s efficiency. The various utensils are all very visible and in easy reach, thanks to jar rack, knife rack, spice rack, glass rack, kitchen roll holder and small shelves.

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