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Znow is a LED aluminium ceiling lamp.‎ Anthony Boelaert designed for DARK a spot which truly deserves to be in the spotlight.‎ ZNOW is a spot with an extra touch.‎ This spot shines down from the ceiling but has a build-in mirror for you to play with the light and orient towards the wall or objects you want to highlight.‎ ZNOW is a LED spot and available in 12 different colours and also has a little brother: ZNOW Junior.‎ Architects will love this because ZNOW can be used for many applications: hotel, restaurants, retail, businesses, galleries and museums, but also privately thanks to its different sizes and different colours.‎ Znow 22 / 27 /32 LED>80 CRI • 1500 Lm / 500 mA / 13,6 W LED>95 CRI • 1300 Lm / 700 mA / 15,6 W 2700 K – 3000K – 4000K Znow JR 16 / JR 19 / JR 24 LED>80 CRI • 600 Lm / 350 mA / 6,4 W LED>95 CRI • 600 Lm / 350 mA / 6,4 W 2700 K – 3000K – 4000K

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