Smithfield C

Aluminium ceiling lamp

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About Smithfield C

Ceiling-mounted lamp providing direct light.‎ Aluminium body.‎ Available in gloss black, white, matt black, green, red or MUD.‎ Injection-moulded opalescent methacrylate diffuser.‎ Steel wall and ceiling attachment.‎ 4 x RF29186 LED 10W E27 3000K A70 [e] 965lm Dimmable 4 x RF28782 LED 10W E27 2700K A70 [e] 965lm Dimmable 4 x RF28665 LED 15W E27 2700K [e] 2000lm Dimmable 4 x RF28666 LED 17W E27 2700K [e] 1900lm Dimmable 4 x RF26259 LED 17W E27 2700K [e] 1900lm Dimmable 4 x RF26258 LED 17W E27 3000K [e] 2000lm Dimmable ‘There’s a market in London called Smithfield and these lamps take their inspiration from a certain typology of metal lamp shade which used to hang in these kind of situations.‎ I’ve always liked the industrial and functional character of these lights, and wanted to make a project out of them, looking for some way of making use of their efficiency in delivering light, and the forms themselves which are so much a part of the good atmosphere of industrial spaces”.‎ Jasper Morrison

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