Light Glide

LED Anodized aluminium pendant lamp

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About Light Glide

Light Glide is a pendant light with a unique design.‎ While at first glance, it appears to be a basic linear fixture, a sliding feature allows the light to be expanded and double in size.‎ This allows the light quality to be modulated based on personal preference or in response to the furniture below.‎ Ideally placed above a dining room or conference table, Light Glide can also be used in multiples to create interesting light compositions.‎ Furthermore, its under-19 UGR makes it versatile enough to use in an office or areas where glare control is key.‎ Light Glide combines the character of an architectural fixture with the expression of a decorative one and achieves a sensibility the designer refers to simply as ‘happy minimalism’.‎ It’s a simple product with a surprising and delightful reveal.‎ Light Glide is an indoor pendant lamp available in black anodized or white painted aluminium.‎ The diffusers are in opal and prismatic PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate).‎ The LED source is available in an ON OFF version.‎ It also comes in a dual control version for up and down lighting and with a 1-10V, push or DALI system.‎ There’s an integrated power supply and all versions are high efficiency and ripple free.‎

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