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Introducing the latest addition to our contemporary consoles collection, the Casanova by Reflex. This console is a stunning piece of furniture that will add sophistication to any interior design project. It is perfect for people with a high-income who are looking for a unique and elegant product that will make their home or office stand out.

The console is made of high-quality wood and is covered with mirrored glass or lacquered glass, available in standard colors. The C and O enrichments are available in various colors, including straightforward, gold, dark, blue-dim, golden, red, amethyst, and tobacco Murano glass on the front. The console further boasts optional LED lighting that enhances its beauty even more.

The legs of the console are available in smooth straightforward, black, blue-dim, golden, red, amethyst, tobacco Murano glass, or ribbed straightforward or gold glass. The legs are crafted to perfection and add to the console’s elegance.

The Casanova console is perfect for both residential and commercial applications. It is an ideal addition to any living room, dining room, or office space. It is a perfect statement piece that will make a lasting impression on guests and clients alike.

The Casanova console is part of the Casanova collection, a series of luxury products designed by the best designers in the industry. It is a product that is guaranteed to last for years and will retain its beauty and elegance for generations to come.

So, if you’re looking for a unique and timeless piece of furniture that will add value to your home or office, look no further than the Casanova console by Reflex. Contact us today to request a quote and to learn more about this stunning product.

Dimensions: cm 112x62x89,5h e cm 184x62x89,5h

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