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Mahogany stool / coffee table

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The soft curves lines of the enigmatic Carved stool and its versatility are rather appealing.‎ This modern stool with unique characteristics possesses smooth curves for a more modern and sculptural appeal.‎ And due to its functionality, Carved can also be a table for lateral support of chairs and sofas.‎ Carved stool is available in gold, silver or copper leaf covered with high-gloss varnish.‎ And adjusted to the preference of the owner, Carved is also available in different colors such as emerald, lapis, amethyst or citrine.‎ Materials and Finishes: Mahogany, Golden, Silver or Copper Leaf.‎ The power of color is a cool phenomenon which inspired the creation of the COOLORS collection.‎ Colors play an important role in our physical environment.‎ They are used for their aesthetics as well as their ability to influence the human psyche through the stimulation of one’s visual sense.‎ Colors induce many emotions and states of mind most of which are subjective, however some are more universal such as the ability of warm colors to create a feeling of comfort and the calming effects of cool colors.‎ By associating color sensations with our collection, we intend to stimulate emotions that allow all who come in contact with our designs the chance to identify themselves with them and bring some color into their world.‎


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Coolors collection

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