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Introducing the contemporary bar cabinet collection, Carson, designed by the renowned Rodolfo Dordoni and crafted by luxury brand Minotti. Perfect for those with a discerning taste, Carson bar cabinets exude sophistication and elegance, making them a must-have addition to any high-end interior design project.

The Carson collection is characterized by its clean lines and modern aesthetic, featuring two new elements – a bookcase and a desk – along with a new ebony glossy lacquer polyester finish. The bookcase is a standout piece, with sides made of satin-finish metal with a Light Bronze finish, contrasted by seven-centimeter shelves in ebony veneer with a glossy lacquer polyester finish. The bookcase is also finished on the back, making it a versatile room divider.

The Carson bar cabinets are expertly crafted with luxury materials, including fine metal, textured wood, and luxurious marble. The structure is made with MDF and is available in succupira veneer or ebony with a glossy lacquer polyester finish. The drop-front door is made with ebony veneer and sucupira veneer, adding a poetically tactile quality to the elegant design. The top comes in Bardiglio Nuvolato or Calacatta marble, adding a touch of luxury to the product.

As well as being beautiful, the Carson bar cabinet collection is also functional, with interior LED bar lights that are motion-activated by the door’s opening and closing mechanism. The interiors are finished in corten color glossy lacquer, an exquisite touch that demonstrates the attention to detail that has gone into crafting these stunning cabinets.

This collection also includes a desk that is available in two sizes, making it versatile enough to work in any space. The desk features a satin-finish metal side with a Light Bronze finish, oak veneer with an open-pore Moka lacquer finish, and drawer fronts with a Moka color glossy lacquer finish. It is the perfect complement to the bookcase, making them an ideal pairing for any living room or bedroom.

If you are looking for a contemporary bar cabinet that exudes sophistication and elegance, the Carson collection is the perfect choice. Contact us to get the price and order yours today.

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