Wooden chest of drawers with integrated handles

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About Athena

Introducing Athena, the contemporary collection of chests of drawers by the renowned brand Tomasella. Designed to cater to individuals with discerning taste and high income, these chests of drawers exude luxury and sophistication with their unique shapes and colours.

The Athena collection boasts of an upward hold break handle that adds a touch of glamour to the already stunning two-tone graphics. The collection comes in a range of calming tones and contrasting colours that can effortlessly elevate any interior space. The wooden addition to the grip break sets off the handle and defines an upward boundary down the fronts.

The off-set top rack insert is a standout feature that adds a dynamic touch to the design. The units are completed with finished backs, making them versatile for any space. Choose from a variety of finishes, including wood, matt, open pore, and lacquered finishes. With grip break wraps up in wood, hitched, matt, open pore, open pore lacquered, matt lacquered, or dark mirror, the upward hold break draws an exceptional enhancing blemish on the fronts.

The handle is a focal point of attention, available in glass, wood or mosaic, coloured or tone-on-tone. The unique and decorative handle is a standout feature that can capture anyone’s attention.

If you’re looking for a luxury chest of drawers that combines contemporary design with functionality, the Athena collection by Tomasella is perfect for you. Its chic and elegant design makes it the perfect addition to any modern interior space.

To experience the luxury and sophistication of these chests of drawers, request pricing and add Athena to your collection today.

Dimensions: L 60.2 cm | D 51.2 cm | H 108.7 cm , L 88.2 cm | D 51.2 cm | H 108.7 cm , L 126 cm | D 51.2 cm | H 70.1 cm , L 88 cm | D 40.3 xm | H 42.7 cm

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