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Introducing the luxurious Alison Dark Brown Outdoor garden sofa from the renowned brand Minotti. Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, this piece is part of the exclusive Alison collection, known for its sophistication and elegance.

With a rich shade of brown, this sofa exudes a stylish and modern feel that perfectly complements the Art Lifescape 02 collection fabrics. The sofa is raised off the ground on anodized aluminum blocks, stained the same color as its wood, to prevent direct contact with the paving and protect it from moisture. This attention to detail ensures that your outdoor seating area remains stylish and functional.

The cushions of the Alison Dark Brown Outdoor sofa have been specifically designed to convey an air of casual elegance. The use of new inserts in high resilience variable-density polyurethane foam, sheathed in eco-friendly water-repellent fiber, makes them softer and more comfortable than ever before.

This garden sofa is the perfect addition to any outdoor space and will provide a comfortable and stylish seating area for you, your friends, and family. The Alison Dark Brown Outdoor sofa is a true statement piece that will elevate the design of your garden or terrace.

If you’re looking for the perfect garden sofa for your high-end outdoor seating area, look no further than the Alison Dark Brown Outdoor sofa from Minotti. Contact us today to inquire about pricing and bring this piece of luxury home.

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