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Sideboard with doors

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cod.‎: 11101 – 2 doors buffet (Cm: L.‎ 209 P.‎ 67 H.‎ 109 ) cod.‎: 11625 – Mirror (Cm: L.‎ 156 P.‎ 6 H.‎ 158 ) Villa Venezia, the assortment by Modenese Gastone – Luxury Classic Furniture, has been made on the quest for tastefulness and flawlessness, along with the feeling of the unadulterated ‘Made in Italy’ style.‎ The distinctive characteristics of our new assortment Villa Venezia lie in the fine velvets and materials, glorious carvings, high quality designs, the regular pastel shades of Venetian practice, and in the journey for stylish perfection.‎ Fine woods and unique inscriptions advanced with carvings join with new enhancements and colors, new exquisite completes, enrichment totally made by the hands of our craftsman decorators.‎ The assortment Villa Venezia dominates in the extravagance and flawlessness in the fine art which uncover the old custom, long insight and the expert craftsmanship of Modenese Gastone’s group work.‎

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