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Kitchen storage Ideas on Italian Design

Every time we try to figure out what are ways to make the space as ergonomic as possible. Where could all the pots and pans, combines and coffee grinders, cereals and cold-free foods, luxury gift sets, and glasses live in? On the Internet you can find a lot of useful articles on this topic, which offer a large number of great tips: use the space under the sink, use the space above the refrigerator, buy containers for all kinds of foods, buy kitchen organizers, and so on. All of this is certainly sound advice, but the problem of convenience is not completely solved in this way. The number of items in the kitchen is constantly growing and it is more and more difficult to find a certain place for them.

When the kitchen is large, you also have to take into account some nuances. Firstly, in most cases it should be more functional than a small kitchen: it could meet the criteria of a professional workspace, could be the continuation of a living room or a complete wine cellar. Plus, such types of kitchen design are more sensitive to aesthetic disadvantages. It’s hard to imagine multicolored plastic containers or a set of pots on the refrigerator among the matte 3D doors and gold metal inserts.

Here we show you some new solutions in kitchen storage that Italian brands have added to modern kitchen design today. You will know how our usual kitchen cabinets and shelves can be modernized so that the cooking process will be not interrupted in the search for the right container, and the very kitchen will keep its appearance for many years as at purchase.

Sliding Systems

Pull-out drawers, unlike conventional drawers, are considered better because they allow you to put on items across the entire surface and see all content in use.This type of storage could be the best solution specially if the inner space is organized with dividers or boxes. Besides pull-out kitchen drawers, there are also pull-out cutting boards and sliding tables.

  • Two innovative systems by Miton Cucine – "Lift-up" and "Plana", are interesting ways to save workspace due to the setup of the sliding table. Thanks to the "Lift-up" mechanism you can get a big workbench from the two countertops hidden in the island. The great news is that the workspace turns out completely solid because the countertops rise to the same level as the island. A little bonus of this storage layout is the presence of pull-out drawers under the very countertops.
  • "Plana" is a sliding table installed on top of a fixed countertop. The system allows you to have both a dining table and a workspace at the same time without cluttering the overall kitchen space.
  • Lube Cucina's kitchen cabinets "Immagina" integrates a pull-out cutting board that also can be used as a storage drawer for cutlery. This solution may not save you time in the cooking process, but it gives you extra space in the small kitchen.
  • The "Ratio" system, also by Lube Cucine, shows us high standards in kitchen storage and organization. Basically, it is a series of accessories that help to keep order inside the drawers. It is a kind of kitchen organizer. For each drawer size, there is a different number of boxes that are made of aluminum or aluminum and wood and have a nice look. A pleasure addition is a rubber mat that is placed on the bottom of each drawer to keep the items inside from slipping.

Hanging Storage Solutions

Hanging systems we choose because of two reasons: it allows kitchen cabinets and drawers to make less busy, and to place objects in sight and at arm's length.

  • "Stripes" Boiserie is the functional and aesthetic system in the Italian kitchen design situated instead of the usual backsplash. The texture of the paneling imitates wide rails, but the main feature is hidden fixing systems between these rails that allow you to hang special shelves, towel holders, knife holders, and even an iPod stand on these panels. That way, another exquisite storage idea invisibly appears in your kitchen space.
  • A similar system with boiserie paneling, but a different pattern, can be seen in the "Aleve" kitchen collection by Stosa Cucine. In terms of functionality and visuality, this texture seems even more advantageous than "Stripes".
  • The "Antigo" system is also a very remarkable development by Lube Cucine. These are small hanging shelves made of aluminum in the Industrial style installed between the work area and the upper kitchen cabinetry. Like the "Stripes" system, it has towel holders, shelves for various needs, and novelty – plenty of hooks. Here we have to mention the system "Country" – a sophisticated and extraordinary addition to your Italian kitchen design. It is also a set of holders and stands, an analogy of "Antigo", but differs from it by 70-80s stylistic and attaches directly to the upper kitchen cabinets.
  • The most common type of hanging storage system is a kitchen rail. It is represented by a large number of layouts, and we pay attention to one of the most serviceable, which is called "Line". "Line" is the construction of metal profiles equipped with shelves and accessories that can be moved freely along it. Some of the versions include LED strips in the design, which are good for the working area. Overall, the "Line" equipment is very versatile and allows you to mix metal shelves and holders with wood items so that they look elegant and modern as storage ideas in the kitchen.

Shelving Storage Systems

Perhaps the images of kitchen wardrobes, large storage cabinets, and huge shelvings should be the first that comes to mind when we start to think about storage and organization in the kitchen. The idea seems already old-fashioned, but furniture factories continue to breathe new life into such storage systems, changing them beyond recognition.

  1. "Modus" is an open kitchen module with divisions, which is installed between the upper and lower kitchen cabinets. Such a mini-shelving placed on the countertop optimizes the working area and in particular, it happens thanks to the internal organization of this system. It is equipped with holders for towels, knives, and large cutlery, it can accommodate pull-out drawers, and some versions have a backlight. By the way, there really are a lot of options. Important to note, you can choose the number of divisions and determine their functionality. The "Grid" and "Hang" systems of the same factory (Lube Cucine) are similar to "Modus" in terms of installation location and functionality, but the look of all three is different. This shows that such innovative storage systems are created taking into account all the aesthetic needs of modern kitchen design projects.
  2. Top-hung storage shelving "Multiplo" have many shapes and sizes. It could be installed on the open wall of the kitchen cabinet, already in a familiar place – directly above the countertop, or stand free separately from the entire kitchen. This aluminum construction looks like growing from the wall and that, of course, could be considered as its highlight. In case, if you look for practical and not quite usual furniture for your home space it is one of the best options.
  3. The "Skeleton" design by Miton Cucine is an exceptional solution for integrating storage systems in small kitchens. Upper shelves and base cabinets are linked by metal profiles that play the role of dividers, too. Largely, this makes an impression of monolithic kitchen cabinets. Lighting and smoked glass sliding doors bring the kitchen design closer to a fashionable exhibition space whose signature features are the neatly inserted cooktop and sink.

Waste Bin Solutions

A waste storage cabinet is an area of the kitchen whose importance is very often overlooked. Truth, we all want to interact as little as possible with cooking residues, or to clean the place where the dustbin stands, and, of course, the bin itself. Further, more and more people are now joining conscious consumption, which means that today it is important to have the ability to set up waste sorting systems at home. Kitchen factories understand this very well.

  1. "Swing" system containers allow you to store trash in a completely sealed bin that requires no direct tactile interaction from you. This innovative system synchronizes the opening and closing of the bin with the opening and closing of the cabinet door on which the bin is installed. The containers are made of lightweight polymer and have different volumes, plus you can arrange for mini waste sorting inside them. The factory assures that the mechanism is designed so that even over the years there will be no consequences for the kitchen door.
  2. The waste sorting systems "Ecofil" and "Metropolis" have one purpose and a little difference in the place of location: "Ecofil" is a kind of pull-out vertical system situated in the lower kitchen cabinet, while "Metropolis" is a rather bulky construction, which is best placed in a pull-out drawer – that may seem rather unusual storage idea for kitchen design.
  3. Another interesting way of waste storage can be found in the "CITY" system. It is a pull-out set of 2 to 4 bins, where one is served for small garbage and has a hatch with a flap, and the others are equipped with a special filter that blocks unpleasant odors. The enclosure in which the bins are kept is a feature that differs it from previous models. On the top of this enclosure, there is a convenient shelf for storing household cleaning products.

Wine Storage Solutions

For those who are in love with wine, there are also nice furniture inventions. We look at those innovative systems which allow keeping bottles of favorite drink in compliance with the necessary rules of wine storage and can be installed in the apartment. The cases of a complete transformation of the kitchen into a wine cellar are not interested us though there are such.

  • TMItalia offers to recreate an accurate and almost professional wine degustation area in the kitchen design with a combination of a wine cellar fridge, bottle racks on the sides, and glass holders. At first glance, it appears to be an ordinary kitchen wardrobe, where the system is equipped with sliding pocket doors that allow the contents of the improvised wine cellar to be completely hidden. Here such requirements of wine storage as horizontal bottle keeping, absence of bright light, and low temperatures are taken into account.
  • Another great storage idea from TMItalia is the custom-made glass wine cellar. In essence, it is a large transparent cabinet only for storing bottles, and it has primarily an aesthetic function, allowing guests and hosts to enjoy the view of a range of different wines.

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