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About Annibale Colombo

The history of Annibale Colombo began in 1812. In the city of Brianza, Filippo Colombo founded his own furniture workshop. The offer for the middle class involved attention to detail. Over 200 years of work, the manufacturer has accumulated an invaluable collection of its own know-how. The tradition has been the use of more than 60 types of valuable species – amaranth, maple, boxwood, walnut and ash. Finishing and polishing are carried out by craftsmen of the highest level. Environmental friendliness is a must for Annibale Colombo furniture. For manufacturing, an array of special restored areas is used. Finishing is carried out with natural dyes. For polishing, beeswax is used – a natural protective material with antiseptic properties. The collections of Time, Today and Quadro present models reflecting the cultural needs of different eras. The Contract project is a demonstration of the best international and Italian projects. The Milanese Kulm Hotel, Grand Hotel and Piccolo Teatro Grassi, the French Hotel Ares Eiffel, private villas and luxury yachts in Russia, England, Turkey are the visiting cards of the Annibale Colombo brand. To design your own projects, a custom solutions configurator is provided. The tool allows you to buy Annibale Colombo in accordance with personal wishes. Collection catalogs are available upon request for your reference. Annibale Colombo can be bought in Minsk according to a special custom-made program.

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