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Just as grass blades grow, firmly anchored down but still free to move in the direction of the wind, with a bending and turning movement, the Pivot lamp follows this theory, and has a solid base with four vertical elements that are flexible and allow the creation of infinite lighting facets.‎ The lamp therefore produces a “rectangle” shape that projects an indirect, but dynamic illumination on the wall.‎ Pivot is of minimalist design, and can to be pointed in the desired direction where needed.‎ The Pivot collection is made up of a floor lamp, and three wall and ceiling appliques in various sizes.‎ All lengths can be completely customized on request.‎ The lamps are designed for indoor use, and are available in white or dark grey aluminium, the light is directed through the light bars.‎ For the floor lamp the energy voltage is LED with dimmer switch.‎ For the wall and ceiling appliques the energy voltage is low (24V) and comes with a remote power pack.‎ The power supply is not included in the price and must be purchased separately.‎


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