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Obliqua is a kitchen with a fair picture and simultaneously incredible person, which owes its name to the exceptional cut-out forming of entryways and tops. Obliqua is recognized by the mix of fundamental volumes, surfaces and materials and the high quality meticulousness. A straight and thorough plan that converts into a chromatic congruity connected to the utilization of a solitary completion for tops, scores, entryways and plinths. It is likewise conceivable to pick the format with an integrat table proposed in various completions, among which the Deluxe strong woods stick out, giving a warm and wrapping note to the undertaking. A vital component of Obliqua, as a matter of fact, is the regard for materials. Research that is improved with new implications unequivocally in the determination of these woods, obtained from unused railroad sleepers tracked down in old sheds, to which Ernestomeda has given new life while leaving unaltered the first tasteful qualities from the grain to the variety varieties a consequence of the normal activity of time and enduring. The arrangement of completions likewise incorporates materials with a high mechanical substance like Fenix NTM and creative ones, for example, biomalta. This is a superior presentation acrylic-based gum, because of its outrageous protection from wear and its flexibility to any surface from wood to treated steel, from marble to aluminum. Biomalta is additionally breathable, flame resistant and isn’t likely to variety changes. Because of the craftsmanship, which includes a manual application cycle, the completion is enhanced with steadily changing subtleties that make every sythesis interesting and unrepeatable. Tasteful style is joined with usefulness, which is exemplified in the enormous worktop, and in the simple opening of the entryways, on account of the upward grooves and their unmistakable diagonal forming. It is likewise conceivable to consolidate Obliqua with Indoor cupboards, which can be tweaked with take out tops and backs in various completions, the last option of which can likewise be furnished with removable power plugs. The compartments can be outfitted with different adornments from the espresso machine to the wine basement and commonsense bins, accessible in similar varieties as the entryways. Obliqua is a kitchen with a reasonable picture and, simultaneously, extraordinary person. It stands apart for its blend of fundamental volumes, surfaces and materials, and carefully assembled meticulousness. The various setups of the new Obliqua give life to spaces in which equilibrium and development meet up: the developed plan, which is communicated in the conservativeness and meticulousness of the lines, simultaneously makes the kitchen a warm and inviting climate. Described by a fair picture and simultaneously incredible person, Obliqua owes its name to the unconventional cut-out molding of entryways and tops and is recognized by the blend of fundamental volumes, surfaces and materials and the craftsman tender loving care.

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