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Wardrobe with sliding doors

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I like the limitless versatility.‎ Try it at various points, with inclining roofs and in other strange circumstances: New Entry will shock you with its flexibility.‎ Senzafine is a wardrobes and stroll in storage room framework with a cutting edge measured quality, versatile to any space.‎ The stroll in storeroom is portrayed by vertical boards of mm 35 – 1/2 which underline the strength of shapes and the geometry.‎ From the more basic and negligible doors to the one described by a more specific tasteful, with edges or frames.‎ Four openings: leaf, collapsing, sliding entryway and coplanar and a total inside hardware have been designed to understand an increasingly more individual space organization.‎ The construction and the gear of senzafine framework are accessible in melamine, can be effortlessly cleaned and are impervious to scratches.‎ The construction of each senzafine wardrobe is considered to allow robustness and dependability for long time.‎

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