Metal kitchen with island in a industrial style with handles

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The Mina kitchen by Minacciolo is a stunning example of modern industrial design. With sleek lines and an emphasis on functionality, this kitchen is perfect for those who want to create a contemporary space that is both stylish and practical.

The Mina kitchen features a combination of metal and solid wood, creating a unique and visually appealing look. The metal doors are sturdy and durable, while the solid wood brings warmth and texture to the space. The combination of these materials creates an industrial feel that is both edgy and refined.

The Mina kitchen is designed with functionality in mind. The kitchen features ample storage space, with drawers and cabinets that are perfect for storing all your kitchen essentials. The drawers and cabinets are also designed with easy access in mind, so you can quickly and easily find what you need when you need it.

In addition to its practical features, the Mina kitchen is also incredibly stylish. The sleek lines and bold finishes make a statement, while the attention to detail ensures that every element of the design is perfectly executed. Whether you’re looking to create a minimalist space or a more industrial-inspired look, the Mina kitchen is the perfect choice for those who want a kitchen that is both beautiful and functional.

Overall, the Mina kitchen by Minacciolo is a must-have for anyone who wants to create a modern industrial space that is both stylish and practical. With its combination of metal and solid wood, ample storage space, and attention to detail, this kitchen is sure to impress.

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Metal, Solid Wood



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