Flauta Riga Outdoor

LED aluminium outdoor wall lamp

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About Flauta Riga Outdoor

Flauta is a collection of outdoor wall-mounted light fittings with dual light emission, available in various lengths.‎‎ The units are characterised by the surface etching in two refined variations: Flauta Riga, with vertical lines, and Fluta Spiga, characterized by an elegant and sophisticated angular pattern.‎‎ Rounding out the device is a deflector accessory painted to match the finish of the lamp body.‎‎ It can be installed as desired on the upper or lower head to create a decorative effect with reflected light.‎‎ The structure is made of aluminium treated with a chemical conversion process for effective resistance to atmospheric agents.‎‎ The powder coating of the body is available in various finishes according to the QUALICOAT standard.‎‎ The first layer of epoxy powder confers chemical and mechanical resistance.‎‎ The second layer, a polyester powder finish, ensures resistance to UV rays and corrosive atmospheric agents.‎‎ The painted surfaces are treated with alkiline and acid washes, rinsed with demineralised water, and subjected to chemical conversion treatment to protect against rust.‎‎ Diffuser in transparent glass, sealed to guarantee water resistance.‎‎ Integrated LED light source.‎‎ Driver integrated in the body of the unit for DALI dimmer control.‎‎ LED light source included.‎‎ Integrated 220-240V electrical power with DALI dimmer.‎‎ Comes with deflector for optional installation on the upper or lower head.‎‎ 110V version upon request.‎‎ Colors: White Grey Anthracite Black Deep Brown Forest Green « The Flauta collection meets a desire for creation of a ductile, changing project, ideal for contract environments and rooms in the home.‎ Inspired by the pure shapes of organs and flutes, the spotlights in this collection stand out thanks to a small circular reflector that captures and reverberates the light emitted.‎ The cylindrical body of Flauta comes in three different shapes and is further enhanced by two relief textures that combine with the available

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