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Fil De Fer F Ip65

LED floor lamp

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About Fil De Fer F Ip65

Materials and colours: natural aluminium wire sphere with IP67 resin-bonded transformer housed in a black box Light source: • Ø 50 cm – LED bulb IP65 G4 12V DC 8×1,5W / energy class A+ / lumen 1200 / K 2700 / CRI 85 • Ø 70 cm – LED bulb IP65 12V DC 16×1,5W / energy class A+ / lumen 2400 / K 2700 / CRI 85 • Ø 100 cm – LED bulb IP65 12V DC 20×1,5W / energy class A+ / lumen 3000 / K 2700 / CRI 85 Power supply: resin-bonded 12V 220-240 IP67 not-dimmable transformer (110V available on request) housed in black cylindrical box Fil de Fer is a lighting fixture made of shaped, woven aluminium wire, which is lit on the inside by tiny bulbs.‎ Designed and made by Enzo Catellani, it is the creation closest to his heart.‎ Developed almost twenty years ago for a special commission, it was never used for that particular project and was hung up in his workshop.‎ Each time it was switched on, it enchanted everyone with its special, magical atmosphere.‎ Enzo Catellani decided then to continue working on it.‎ The lamp was later placed on the market and quickly became the most iconic lighting fixture in the Catellani & Smith range.‎

Dimensions: Ø 50/70/100 cm

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