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Coolfin is a LED aluminium Track-Light.‎ 230 V >80 CRI • 1300 Lm / 700 mA / 9,5 W >80 CRI • 2000 Lm / 700 mA / 15,2 W >80 CRI • 3000 Lm / 1050 mA / 25,7 W >95 CRI • 1300 Lm / 700 mA / 13,3 W 40° – 60° 2700 K – 3000 K – 4000 K For the young Belgian designers from MaDe this is their first collaboration with Dark.‎ So they went all the way and created COOLFIN.‎ What’s in a name… COOLFIN takes an ingenious approach to the problem of cooling for any LED spot, in which the temperature control determines the lifespan of the LED.‎ They have used the high-tech LED-luminaire (2000 lumen output) from the brand Xicato which comes with a guarantee of 50,000 hours of operation.‎ This lamp is a piece of pure craftsmanship combined with beauty.‎ A technical feature has become a fabulous object.‎ Perfectly styled.‎ The repetition of the cooling fins give shape to a unique, energy-friendly spot without losing sight of aesthetics.‎ COOLFIN is available as a pendant lamp and as a recessed or surface-mounted ceiling lamp in round and square shape.‎ The luxurious COOLFIN comes into its own in stylish homes, executive offices and showrooms.‎

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