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About Zanaboni

Zanaboni has a long history. The company was founded half a century ago. It was then that the development paths were clearly chosen – the production of basic furniture for the living room, as well as modern sets that fully meet the needs of customers. Over the years, the Zanaboni factory has developed its own unique and recognizable style, which has become the main characteristic of the products. In addition, Italian furniture from the Zanaboni brand is always precision of execution and unsurpassed quality. The company's designers are open to new technologies and experiments, which they successfully combine with traditions, making collections truly unique and exclusive. The produced models are designed for both large and modest spaces. Their bizarre shape perfectly decorates the interior. Zanaboni furniture will be that precious element in your decor. The house, furnished with objects of this brand, is a real dream, beautiful poetry, a combination of sophistication and seduction. Among the company's offers you can find original collections and lines of Classic, Contemporary and Modern. Therefore, our salon became the official sole dealer in Italy of the Italian factory. Only here you can buy elegant items at beautiful prices!

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