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About Vittorio Grifoni

Vittorio Groffoni (Vittorio Griffoni) is a well-known company that produces exclusive furniture. It was founded in 1957 by Vittorio Griffoni. The master began by restoring furniture. Over the years of his work, he learned the compositions of unique coatings, got acquainted with the ancient methods of wood processing, after which he decided to start manufacturing furniture. Thanks to his industriousness and talent, Vittorio achieved high results. In just a few years, all of Italy learned about his brand, and later all of Europe. The master accurately reproduced every detail, thereby enthralling the amazed audience. And after many years, the whole world knows about Vittorio Groffoni. The main feature of the factory is that craftsmen still process wood exclusively by hand. Thanks to this approach, brand products adorn the best hotels and restaurants, as well as the homes of many Hollywood stars. Our dealership invites you to enjoy real masterpieces of furniture art. You can buy Vittorio Groffoni furniture in Minsk at the lowest prices from us. On the pages of the catalog you can find a huge number of beds, armchairs, tables, nightstands, sofas made in the classical style. Each product is strictly individual and truly exclusive. We can safely say that Vittorio Groffoni furniture is genuine masterpieces that will decorate any interior.

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