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About Valdichenti

Valdichienti is an Italian company that produces luxury and modern furniture. It began its history in 1968 and has since been a trendsetter in the furniture world. The assortment is based on delightful and luxurious soft beds, sofas, couches, poufs. They are distinguished by their elegant appearance, warm shades, smooth lines, regular and proportional shapes. Thanks to modern mechanisms, they can be transformed, so they do not take up much space and fit perfectly even into a small room. In addition to modern high-precision equipment, the company's masters and engineers actively use manual labor, so that each product looks unique. In the manufacture of furniture, rare woods are used, and the decor is metal, textile, plastic, smooth leather. Our multi-brand salon offers to buy Valdichienti furniture in Minsk. We are an official dealer, so we offer the lowest prices. On the pages of the catalog you will find everything you need for any room. All products meet the requirements for modern furniture. A wide selection of shades and patterns will allow you to find a solution for every taste. Laconic lines, clear shapes, unique design and luxurious decor, all this is Valdichienti furniture.

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