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Vaccari Cav. Giovanni is an Italian furniture factory that was founded by Giovanni Vaccari in the distant 1955. For 65 years, exclusively natural materials of the highest quality have been used as raw materials. The master has always cared even for the smallest details of the finish, thanks to which the products are popular not only in Italy, but throughout the world. The success of the company is explained by the fact that the entire cycle of furniture manufacturing, from logging to assembly of finished products, is carried out without the involvement of third-party companies. Thanks to this, Vaccari furniture is not only of impeccable quality, but also at a lower price (almost 50%), compared with other Italian brands. Our salon offers to buy Vaccari furniture in Minsk at a bargain price. We are the official dealer of this Italian company, so we offer lower prices than competitors. On the pages of the catalog you will find both classic sofas, chairs, chests of drawers, as well as exclusive products decorated with complex hand-painted and gold leaf. Call and order. Vaccari furniture can please everyone of true Italian quality.

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