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Tosato is an Italian furniture factory, which was founded in 1946 by carpenter Argant Tozato. It all started with a small craft workshop where he made tables and chairs. His products were so popular with customers that the master expanded his assortment and began to produce beds, sofas, chairs for home and office. Thanks to the skill of Argant Tozato, the factory became world famous, and the products won prizes at various prestigious exhibitions. Today, the total area of Tosato production facilities is more than 12 thousand square meters, and furniture is popular in almost all countries of the world. The factory catalog has more than 450 items, which include tables, chairs, pouffes, banquets, beds, coffee tables, armchairs, TV stands and much more. If you want to add a touch of aesthetics to your home, we invite you to our salon. You can buy Tosato furniture in Minsk from us. We are an official dealer, so we have the lowest prices for all products. The catalog contains both individual pieces of furniture and ready-made solutions for any room. Each product is striking in its beauty and unusual appearance. The furniture is made of precious wood and decorated with velvet, linen, gilding, carving, crystals and precious metals. Pleasant colors, unique charm, a wide selection of models and finishes are amazing. That is why Tosato furniture will allow you to create the interior of your dreams.

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