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About Smania

Smania is a famous Italian brand, which occupies a special place in the modern furniture world. The company was founded in 1967 by the masters of Fabrizio and Alberto Smania. In the early years, they made forged metal furniture, which was distinguished by its filigree and smooth lines. Later, the brothers began to use rattan and bamboo. In the 1980s, they began to collaborate with well-known designers who proposed a completely new concept – to make designer furniture from the most unusual materials. They masterfully combined steel and American chestnut, crystal and elm, silver and myrtle into a single composition. Such unusual combinations look luxurious, stylishly elegant, sophisticated. Add manual processing here, and you will get completely unique products that have no analogues worldwide. Now we also offer you to decorate your home with luxurious products from Smania. In our salon you can buy furniture of this brand in Minsk. We are an official dealer, so our prices compare favorably with competitors. The catalog presents a wide selection of different chairs, chests of drawers, ottomans, banquets, sofas and other furniture. Each product looks stylish and unusual, which will allow you to decorate the interior of both a city apartment and a large country residence. Smania furniture does not just fill the space, but decorates your home, making it truly exclusive.

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