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About Selva

Selva furniture company, which was founded in 1968. Over the years, the company has gone from a small family production to a leading global brand for designer furniture. The factory’s products contain unique design features, cultural values of various eras and modern developments. Thanks to this, the Selva brand is popular all over the world. Today the company creates unique pieces of furniture from natural wood, such as rosewood, chestnut, myrtle, walnut. All products are made by hand, and the surface is coated with a special paint composition, which allows you to save the unique natural pattern of each tree. Furniture is decorated with curly carvings, waxing and various materials. Our salon offers to buy Selva products in Minsk. As an official dealer, we offer the lowest prices for furniture of this famous brand. We are pleased to offer you ergonomic chairs, comfortable chairs, plush soft beds, carved tables and much more. You can decorate with them not only the living room and bedroom, but even hotels, hotels and offices. Furniture fits perfectly into the design of the room and creates a holistic picture of the interior. Selva furniture is harmony, sophistication and beauty

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