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About Prianera

Prianera, founded in 1972 and transmitting traditions from one generation to the next, has brought to the present day the knowledge and skill to produce upholstered furniture to create modern, unique and unmistakable interiors. True beauty is created by the mind and brought to life by the hands. Taste, uniqueness, search, tradition, innovation, completely in the Italian style. Prianera appeared as a dream that was born in Forli and reached the best showrooms in the world. Design, style and handwork are fundamental, so Italian tradition has always been and will always be an intrinsic value of the brand. Over the years Prianera has developed its own vision, inevitably manifested in each product, its “code” orientation to innovation in line with modern lifestyles. A symbol of authenticity. True beauty is created by the mind and brought to life by the hands. he Designed For Living srl company is located in Forli and has strong roots in this territory. The experience gained during decades of activity, as well as the hard work and the passion for the job, are evident in the quality of the products and in the strength of the idea that has been the basis of its success: to keep the value of manual work and the connection with the territory in a completely Italian context of design production. A heritage of tradition inspires today’s vision, reinforcing its focus on constant research and innovation with a vision of the future. Every day Prianera tries to find the right balance between the beauty of handicraft and the reliability of the most advanced technology. Every stitch and every crease is skillfully worked by craftsmen to achieve the highest quality result and to add value to Italian products on the world market. Experienced fitters, upholsterers and seamstresses produce high quality furniture, always keeping in mind those small details that distinguish Prianera products.