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Poltrona Frau is not just a brand, it is a synonym for luxury, versatility, elegance and perfect quality. For over 100 years, the company has been manufacturing luxury designer furniture. The factory was founded in 1912 by the young artisan Renzo Frau. The master tried to offer something new, unique, unusual. Thanks to his work, perseverance and skill, he developed a unique technology for processing natural skin. Thanks to her, the skin is so soft and delicate that Poltrona Frau armchairs and sofas have been officially recognized as the most comfortable in the world. That is why the products of this brand are often used for decoration of luxury hotels, office premises, expensive restaurants. Moreover, the company has become an official supplier of leather for interiors of the Italian automobile giants Ferrari and Mazerati. But today you have the opportunity to feel all this softness and tenderness. Our multi-brand salon offers to buy Poltrona Frau furniture in Minsk. We are the official dealer of the company and therefore offer the lowest prices. In our catalog you will find both individual pieces of furniture, ranging from sofas to chairs and armchairs, as well as turnkey solutions for any room. Each product impresses not only with its quality, but also with the variety of colors. Choosing Poltrona Frau, you choose elegant, comfortable, luxurious and practical furniture.

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