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About Penta

Penta the company which is currently engaged in the production of designer lighting. The history of the factory began in 1975. In those days, the company manufactured furniture and achieved some success in this matter, after which it was decided to retrain for the manufacture of lighting fixtures. Thanks to cooperation with experienced designers and architects, the company was able to loudly declare itself, gaining popularity around the world. Today Penta fixtures adorn the best restaurants and hotels in the world. You can even meet them in the Louvre and the Kremlin. They differ in simple geometric shapes and purity of lines. At the same time, they are endowed with their own character, which will transform any interior. Our company suggests you to buy Penta lamps in Minsk. Our salon is an official dealer, so we offer all products at the price of the manufacturer. On the pages of the catalog you will find a wide selection of wall and ceiling lamps, luxurious chandeliers, unusual floor lamps. The main raw materials used are materials such as wood, steel, expensive fabrics, glass, gold, precious stones. The design of each product is dominated by a restrained and slightly glamorous style, which is why Penta fixtures are what you need.

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