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Morello Gian Paolo


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About Morello Gian Paolo

Passion, heart, experience and tradition guide skilful hands in creating armchairs and sofas, dormeaus, tables, living rooms and salons in various styles such as classic, Louis XVI, Louis XXIV, baroque, openwork, Victorian style, empire and art deco. A wide range of polishes and finishes frames Morello Gianpaolo furniture the way the customer prefers. Gold and silver leaf emphasizes the beauty of carved pieces, craftsman varnishes always create special details, and exquisite finishes make combinations of precious fabrics and paparte unique. Fabrics, brocades, leather, gold, Swarovski, decor. This is the huge range of fabrics which Morello Gianpaolo offers for designing living rooms all over the world. The furniture by Morello Gianpaolo can be made to order as a unique item. The customer can choose a combination of frame finishing and fabrics for each individual piece, adapting it to his lifestyle and desires. Completely handmade and years of experience are the characteristics that distinguish Morello Gianpaolo furniture from mass production. Luxury furniture in Italian style, innovation, sophisticated materials, have always been for Morello Gianpaolo, Made in Italy, to be exported all over the world. In terms of care and quality control, special attention is paid to the product. In order to satisfy even the most attentive customer, every detail is carefully controlled from the first stages of production, providing customers with packaging, reinforcement or custom work. Morello Gianpaolo was founded in the 70’s as a small workshop for the production of upholstered furniture, which in this part of Veneto is an ancient traditional craft. Passion for craftsmanship means being able to listen to customer requests, to appreciate the most specific needs and turn them into quality products: passion for the craft means constant growth and improvement. This is how, over time, the name Morello Gianpaolo has become synonymous with quality and customer service. New furniture designs and styles appear, the choice of polishes expands, special and unique varnishes are created. Fabrics are becoming more and more refined, coming from the best European fairs and from the latest collections of the most popular weaves. The constant striving for perfection and renewal brings the Morello Gianpaolo brand to a leading position in the international furniture sector, preserving the character of tradition and the property of handmade furniture. The style of Morello Gianpaolo is known all over the world thanks to the exhibitions and fairs in Moscow, Milan, Cologne, Dubai, Tokyo, Warsaw, Kiev, Beirut, emphasizing the richness of materials and furnishing living rooms everywhere with unmistakable Italian style.