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About Mobilificio Domus

Mobilificio Domus is a company producing designer Italian furniture. It was founded in 1964 and over 55 years has gone from a small private workshop to a true trendsetter. High quality and attractiveness of the products made this brand popular all over the world. Most of the products are made according to individual design. Furniture is decorated by hand, which gives it a special charm and unusual appearance. The main materials are valuable species of wood, which are carefully selected and subjected to special processing, which allows to improve the operational quality of the finished product. The stylish and elegant look is completed with the help of patination, inlay, painting, varnishing and gilding. All this gives each product a truly luxurious look. Our salon offers to buy furniture Mobilificio Domus in Minsk. Due to the fact that we are an official dealer, we offer a company guarantee and the best prices for all products. In our catalogs you can find ready-made solutions for the bedroom, living room, children's room, which include beds, wardrobes, tables, chairs. You choose the number of items yourself, which allows you to choose the perfect headset for any interior. Mobilificio Domus is furniture that will delight you with high quality, long life and excellent appearance.

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