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About Marset

Marset is a company that produces lighting products. All products are distinguished by their sophistication and modern appearance. With the help of lighting fixtures of this brand, you can give yourself a unique atmosphere and ensure maximum comfort in any room. Each lamp is different in that it allows you to adjust the level of illumination. This function allows you to set the most comfortable light intensity, so your eyes will not get tired even with prolonged use. An additional plus of Marset fixtures is a high level of energy saving. As the main materials, craftsmen use metal, glass, wood, fabrics, high-quality plastic and much more. Products are decorated with hand-carved, gilded, and crystal. Our salon offers to buy Marset lamps in Minsk. Due to the fact that we are an official dealer, we offer the lowest prices for all products. Our catalog contains a wide selection of chandeliers, sconces, ceiling and wall lamps, floor lamps. Each product is distinguished by its special charm and attractiveness. Give yourself and your family a little joy by filling your home with light from Marset.

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