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About Manifattura Falomo

Manifattura Falomo is an Italian factory that has been manufacturing mattresses, beds and pillows since 1962. The main mission of the company is to promote a healthy sleep culture. All products are made by hand, so it stands out with its special charm and unique design. The raw materials are exclusively high-quality hypoallergenic materials. Mattresses and pillows completely repeat the shape of the body and have a memory effect. Thanks to this, Manifattura Falomo products are very popular all over the world. Leading hotels are trying to purchase the products of this Italian brand in order to provide a truly royal dream to each guest. Our salon offers to buy Manifattura Falomo products in Minsk. We are the official dealer and certified partner of the company, so we offer the best prices. In the catalog you will find everything for a healthy sleep. Pillows and mattresses are equipped with a removable lining, which allows you to wash them repeatedly in hot temperatures. The beds are made of natural wood and have a unique design. Carved headrests will make you feel like a real royal. Call and order. Discover healthy sleep and relaxation with Manifattura Falomo products.

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