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Lustrarte is one of the world leaders among manufacturers of lamps for the home and street. The company was founded in 1974 by Portuguese businessmen Jesus Faria. For 46 years, the company has been faithful to tradition and has created manually designed lighting fixtures from various materials: steel, glass, wood. Thanks to its special attention to detail and its love for experimentation, the factory has achieved tremendous success and won many international awards. Each product of this brand, like a work of art, amazes with its appearance and decorates any room. Lamps have their own, special features that distinguish them from products of other manufacturers. Today, Lustrarte lights decorate homes, apartments, hotels and restaurants. The most striking examples are the Sofitel hotels and Chopard boutiques. Our dealership offers to buy Lustrarte lamps in Minsk at the lowest price. The catalog presents a wide selection of lighting products for home and street. We have selected for you the most interesting models that will please even the most sophisticated client. Thanks to Lustrarte fixtures, you can decorate the interior of your home, office, cafe or even a restaurant. Of course, the lamps of this brand are the perfect complement to any room.

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