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About Holtkoetter

Holtkötter is a German company that produces stylish design lamps for indoor and outdoor lighting. The factory was founded in 1964 by Franz Holtkotter. Thanks to his mastery and love of light, he created his own unique style, which has become synonymous with luxury and elegance. Each lamp is a real work of art that can decorate even the most luxurious palaces. With the help of Holtkötter fixtures, you add elegance and coziness to the interior, focus on a certain part of the room and create comfortable lighting that will increase your working capacity and guarantee excellent health. Only hypoallergenic materials are used as raw materials. Masters control every stage of production, so you get the highest quality products. Our dealership offers to buy Holtkötter lamps in Minsk. We offer the lowest prices and official warranty from the manufacturer. Our product range includes lamps for the home and the street, various sconces, chandeliers and much more. Thanks to this diversity, our range will satisfy the needs of even the most sophisticated customers. Choosing Holtkötter fixtures, you choose a product that will be a real highlight of your home.

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